Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

September, 2019

Environmental Jackals

They continue to howl against humanity, human progress, and human in-habitation of the planet. It is as if all other “animals” have a right to life, but humans must curb their (presumably) “natural” tendency to exercise dominion over the earth. (Where have we heard that concept before? Hmm. Please. . . . uh. . ..Not […]

The Booty of Buttigieg

12 Sept., 2019 Buttigieg needs, simply, a, simple, swift kick in the booty.   It may be fair to say that he, as a sodomite has a  “booty” ill-used and best suited, indeed, for a good, old-fashioned spanking.  One may suppose that he received them immoderately as a child – whether too many or two few, we […]

National Review Going Ethically Crazy

5 Sept., 2019 Robert Verbruggen, writing for the “conservative” National Review, vies for approval and toleration of sodomy (Sept. 3, 2019, “Death of the ‘Gay Gene’”; see https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/09/death-of-the-gay-gene/).  Since he finds persuasive evidence of  this “orientation” to be genetic, sodomy must therefore merit approval and toleration.   What is “natural” is good and must be permitted […]