Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Booty of Buttigieg

12 Sept., 2019

Buttigieg needs, simply, a, simple, swift kick in the booty.   It may be fair to say that he, as a sodomite has a  “booty” ill-used and best suited, indeed, for a good, old-fashioned spanking.  One may suppose that he received them immoderately as a child – whether too many or two few, we venture no guess.

The Patriot Post recently opined upon him in a piece entitled “‘Progressives’ Worship Nature at Altar of Climate Church”  by  Louis DeBroux  on Sep. 11, 2019 as follows:

Recently, Democrat presidential candidate and self-proclaimed devout homosexual Christian Pete Buttigieg attempted to use scripture to justify Democrats’ radical global-warming agenda, declaring, “To me, environmental stewardship isn’t just about taking care of the planet; it’s taking care of our neighbor. … And the biggest problem with climate change isn’t just that it’s going to hurt the planet … it’s that we are hurting people.”

He continued, “The way I see it, I don’t imagine God’s going to let us off the hook for abusing future generations, anymore than you would be off the hook for harming someone right next to you. With climate change, we’re doing both.” God will punish us for “abusing future generations”?

Really? If God is going to punish us for driving gas-powered cars, cooling our homes with air conditioning, and drinking from plastic straws, we shudder to think how His wrath will be kindled when we are punished for the 60,000,000 (and counting) preborn children we’ve slaughtered in abortion clinics since 1973.

But Buttigieg says that abortion until birth is morally acceptable because “there’s a lot of parts of the Bible that talk about how life begins with breath.”

Strange, how Dems to cherry-pick the Scriptures, selecting those passages which suit them and them perverting the text to suit their un-Biblical ethics and agenda. 

The Lord of the universe is less concerned about stinking up the air with exhaust fumes than He is about the shedding of innocent blood from children created in his very image!  Simple.  Get it straight!  Idolatry is hateful to God.  And when people slaughter the innocents, He is not pleased.   In fact, He is downright “pissed” – to put it in terms that run-of-the-mill modern pagans might grasp.  He is NOT HAPPY with this nation!

Stop slaughtering babies and save your sorry booties.

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