Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Judging Corona

How shall we judge The current judgment? AIDS was sodomy-specific, Corona is general. All are doomed Under the gloom Of Corona. Makes all moan-a And groan-a. Got to submit With all wits And laws To the Boss Who reigns On high Above all us. 26 March at 1005

Creation, Thane!

When the Lord made The heavens and the earth He didn’t tell Thane Maynard how He did it.No. He told His prophets dear Who told us all about the birth Of the One who would come And lay it all down For all of us clowns. And so we thank Him For all of our […]

Over Population?

Over population? Huh! Not as long as there is sin, God and judgment! No problem Corona gonna take care Of the “problem”! We buy and sell After we plant and grow And go And we forget Who it was Who made the earth The rain And the sunshine 21 March, 2020

The Corona Plague

March, 2020 It is, of course, and thanks to a merciful Judge, long overdue.  For us Yahweh worshipers (or Jesus freaks, as more modernly known), who are indignant of the national sin of abortion (five decades long) and the general flouting of God’s Law, we say a robust, “Amen!”  O modern man who thinks he […]

February Februation!

17 February, 2020 Oh February!  What a Dark Past You Have! The Februarius Mensis, the cleansing month, so-called because of the festival Februa (see februum: “religious purification” and Februa, the Roman feast of purification held on 15 February) reminds us of the pagan past from which Western (and especially Christian) civilization emerged.   (Thanks be to […]

Environmental Jackals

They continue to howl against humanity, human progress, and human in-habitation of the planet. It is as if all other “animals” have a right to life, but humans must curb their (presumably) “natural” tendency to exercise dominion over the earth. (Where have we heard that concept before? Hmm. Please. . . . uh. . ..Not […]

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