Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Lookin’ Out on that Snow

Lookin’ out on that sparklin’ snow I say the Lord is pretty cool. He shines His light real bright All day long and then brings the night For us to hide or rest in the delight That all we need He can provide And take us well over that divide To that place way on […]

Scrooge and Planned Parenthood

Like Scrooge, Planned Parenthood Would decrease the population; An asinine idea of Malthus (Another stupid Thomas, like “The Doubter,” Don’t ya know!). From the very limited view of a human, “The planet” (say it with reverence!) seems To have its limitations (You surely know!). The sixth of seven children.  (Hmm. Would he rather Mom aborted […]

The Spring Has Sprung

The Spring has lustfully sprung As the clouds move ever above. The birds all fly at a whim And the air is still at their tweeting. The gray clouds move unhindered By the will of the creatures below, For the One who moves them knows The nature and purpose of all that grows. The birds […]

Science, Worship, and Mask Mandates

What happened to “The Assembly” where the Sacrament is dispersed among the people of God and life is conveyed to the followers of Christ (the redeemed, the elect, the holy ones)?  Is there real life conveyed in that gathering where the Body and the Blood are shared among the redeemed?  Or is the Sacrament just […]

Not Steppin’ In It

Know why you gotta bury your shit? ‘Cause you don’t want to Lord to step in it. Yeah the Word ways He’s walkin’ ’round Here and there and could be found Right there in your yard true blue You thought it was only for you Boo-hoo what kinda fool Leaves it around to bother the […]

Can’t Have Three!

Got our two And we’re through! Responsible, you see, Can’t have three. O mercy me! Got to go with the flow, Do what they say. Matters not What says the Word! Who ever heard Of bucking the crowd, For crying out loud? Got to go with the flow Don’t ya know?  Even so Got some […]

Democrats Are Blind

Democrats are blindAnd quite behindIn their thinkingOf what is true.And we do rueThe depth of our fallSwallowing allThe buffoonery of LawlessLife without God.What a fraud‘Tis by those who insistThat the world justHappened to be,Never createdBut somehow slatedTo hold such orderAnd wonder brought aboutBy some evolving cellSent from hell? O well!Wherefrom  then did we start?Some celestial […]

Screw Johnson and Johnson and AstraZenaca!

https://lozierinstitute.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/12.02.20-warp-speed-vaccines.pdf  If these immoral companies participate in any way in the support of or cooperation with baby-murder, they must be denounced and shunned.  And, indeed, both these companies have engaged in cooperation with abortionists to profit from the butchering of babies in order to produce a vaccine for those who have de facto personally escaped […]

On Recycling Trash

How much air is polluted by the trucks driving around picking up “recyclable” stuff? I’m just sayin’!  For all the time and money and polluting that goes into the sorting and collecting of the stuff by the citizen and the collecting of it by the trucks sent around for pick-up and transporting to another place […]

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