Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


What?  Still Ain’t Kicked Out Biden?

The “church” ain’t kicked out Biden?!?!?Got no prostate or just hidin’? What’s it take to kick out a heretic? Need to your brain someone to take a brick? The fool is a holocaust champion! A leader of ghouls into the darkness! What kind of  church helps a heretic Continue to lead folks astray, And support […]

Telephone Poles!

Strolling around Wilmington, I see these old telephone poles and I wonder how long they can last?  Looks like the city (or county or state) pumps some type of preservative in them – by the looks of some of the holes and plugs in the wood – but I wonder how long it will last […]

Earth-Worshipers and College Professors

Steve Szeghi An earth-worshiper, a.k.a. an “economics professor” at Wilmington College?   He is an advocate of “social justice and the environment.”  He is a co-author of Right Relationship: Building a Whole Earth Economy.  Wonderful.  But for many such folks, an important principle is missing: the Creator of that earth  – which he errantly worships in […]

Lamentations Over a Trapped Skunk

(A.k.a. “A War with Nature”) Trapped that skunk and dragged His mammalian ass into the pond Where he met his doom and drowned! No more stinkin’ up our house; We trapped your ass like a mouse! Put you down under that water; You’re done bein’ a master farter! But, really, I’m sorry, little skunk; It’s […]

Parasite Property Owners

They buy property, especially houses, and invest as little as possible; just enough to sustain the house so that it does not deteriorate.  Otherwise, they have no interest in living in the neighborhood and building social bonds with anyone.   The house may be a mess and even a haunt for the occasional derelict drifter who […]

Lookin’ Out on that Snow

Lookin’ out on that sparklin’ snow I say the Lord is pretty cool. He shines His light real bright All day long and then brings the night For us to hide or rest in the delight That all we need He can provide And take us well over that divide To that place way on […]

Scrooge and Planned Parenthood

Like Scrooge, Planned Parenthood Would decrease the population; An asinine idea of Malthus (Another stupid Thomas, like “The Doubter,” Don’t ya know!). From the very limited view of a human, “The planet” (say it with reverence!) seems To have its limitations (You surely know!). The sixth of seven children.  (Hmm. Would he rather Mom aborted […]

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