Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

June, 2012

White Rose Banquet 2003

7 January 2003 Re White Rose Banquet 2003 and Witness in Buffalo on 22 January Dear Friends, On such short notice, we have two opportunities on the Day of Infamy memorial, 2003. First, we will have an informal WRB in Gaithersburg, Maryland White Rose Banquet 2003 (suburb of D.C.) on the usual date, the eve […]

Day of Decadence

17 February 2009 Anno Domini Citizen of Wilmington: As we approach spring, a new school-sponsored club, the “Gay Straight Alliance” (GSA) is planning its Day of Silence (with the help of its two Wilmington High School faculty “advisors”) for April 17, 2009. This is the second “Day of Silence” event which has occurred at Wilmington […]

Wilmington or Pottersville?

Michael Bray 23 July 2008 Wilmington or Pottersville? What’s God got to do with it? How many times have you wondered or heard another speculate (or expostulate) upon the role of the Deity concerning world events: He brought this or that judgment or blessing? More often, in modern times, we are more inclined to ascribe […]

Letter to a Candidate in 2007

7 December 2007 A Letter to Jim Fife: It was good to see you at the basketball game. And I was glad to hear that you are seeking to serve as a County Commissioner. That office has been on my mind a lot in recent months as the casino debacle has been moving upon us. […]

Clinton County and the Casino: Election Results

Michael Bray November, 2008 Clinton County and the Casino: Election Results The results of the 2008 election bode good and bad. While state wide the voters rejected the MyOhioNow casino pushers’ proposal by nearly a 2-1 margin, Clinton County voted in favor 10,547 to 8,168. The fact the Clinton County, normally a conservative area of […]

Casino Actions 2007

Casino Meditaions Fall 2007 The three Clinton County Commissioners, like three blind mice, don’t know where they (and we) are going. They cannot tell light from darkness, but they sure can smell the cheese. Did they go out to lunch with the casino men when they showed up on August 29 at the Commissioners meeting? […]

Horsley Visited

X-Sender: nhorsley@pop.atl.mindspring.com (Unverified) Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 21:32:25 -0400 To: pro-life@visi.net From: Neal Horsley Subject: Visit from the feds Cc: mbray@nicom.com, stalker-d@juno.com I received two unannounced visitors simultaneously at my home today: one from the ATF and the other from the FBI. We chatted for about two hours about the Creator’s Rights Party, the […]

Planned Parenthood and the Feds Assault Anti-abortion Speech

24 November, 1995 Mary Lou Forbes Editorial Page Editor Fax 202-269-3419 Planned Parenthood and the Feds Assault Anti-abortion Speech Dear Editor, Cheryl Richardson is one of the best of federal employees. And even though she had an abortion a decade and a half ago, she recovered well and has worked in Beltsville for the last […]

Protesting VAAPCON’s Star Chambers

Press Release, 27 Nov., 1995 Issued by NOVA (Project Life – Northern Virginia) Directed by Jack Humphries 703-912-6426 Project Life – NOVA deplores the trampling of First Amendment rights of speech and association which are being violated by the federal Task Force onViolence Against Abortion Providers. We denounce the tactics of this Task Force as […]

Hillary and Cheryl

Michael Bray 17 January, 1996 Attention OP-Ed Editor: You have permission to publish, in full or edit to fit, this anti-abortion piece for the Jan. 22 Anniversary of the 1973 Roe decision. Hillary and Cheryl Cheryl Richardson is locked up in Alexandria, across the river from Hillary’s house. The differences between the women are at […]

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