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Author of A Time To Kill

White Rose Banquet 2003

7 January 2003
Re White Rose Banquet 2003
Witness in Buffalo on 22 January

Dear Friends,

On such short notice, we have two opportunities on the Day of Infamy memorial, 2003. First, we will have an informal WRB in Gaithersburg, Maryland White Rose Banquet 2003 (suburb of D.C.) on the usual date, the eve of the Day (i.e. 21 January) at the home of Joshua Graff . . . Anyone of you (known to me or any former attendants) are welcome to arrive without tickets (donations to White Rose Fund will be accepted and passed to prisoners in the name of WRB as is our custom).

Special attention this year will be paid the honorable Jim Kopp. We expect to enlist a few of you attending the WRB to carry signs at the March for Life:

Save a Baby; Call a Kopp

Those of you who prefer a blizzardy memorial, we invite to accompany some fine brothers in Buffalo for an appearance in support of Jim. Jonathan O’Toole (discharged from the Marines because of his appearance in support of forceful defensive action on HBO) will be heading up a support rally in town where the group will be addressed by the lawyer for Jim Kopp and Loretta Marra.

That lawyer (Bruce Barket) is dedicated to justice for the womb children and passionately involved with his clients’ well being. His excellent strategy regarding the recent decision on the part of Jim Kopp to acknowledge his roll in the termination of Abortionist Slepian was to let Jim speak directly to the nation through a TV interview which was arranged with the prosecution and jail on condition that it contain a “confession” (read: testimony). Along with the opportunity for Jim to take his case directly to millions of people, the other benefit arranged by Mr. Barket was the release of Loretta Marra and Dennis Malvasi. But all fell through by means of the treachery of Buffalo News which betrayed promises and revealed to the DA that the News already possessed the confession. Thus, the DA reneged on the deal.

In the Kopp trial, the jurors of Buffalo will have the opportunity to vote on abortion: no judges; no legislature.

Those who would go to Buffalo, contact local John Hess for overnight arrangements . . . Jonathan O’Toole will be making the plans for the event.

Justice, then Peace

Michael Bray

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