Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

RINO Riley, Labeled

Michael Bray
1 September 2012

“I reject all labels,” says Mayor Riley. He does, however, accept “Republican” in a county which the polls continue to show to be host to a Republican majority. Considering his ideology as penned by himself in “GOP, Dems should not fight over healthcare” (WNJ, 27 August,2012), perhaps it is a matter of convenience.

To be sure, Major Riley is a RINO (Republican in Name Only), but so may be a number of those who self-identify as “Republican.” They may say, as the Mayor does in his article, “’that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…’ I believe that.”

The fact is that most Democrats say they believe that, too.

It is also a fact that the more one is taxed, the less his LIBERTY. When children are not only butchered at the hands of their mothers but with our tax dollars, our national “innocence” as well as our collective “right to LIFE” are abolished along with our LIBERTY.

Who but deluded if not wicked people find HAPPINESS in this? And we who despise such things ought not to be expected to tolerate it, much less to pay for it with our taxes.

And does the Mayor wish to argue for national health care on the premise that our national public educational system is successful? It WAS back in the day when Law and Morality were taught and the God of heaven was invoked. (Wilmington City Schools are an exception to the general trend of decadence, decline, and abandonment; schools across the nation are abandoned as parents seek private school alternatives.)

It is dumbfounding to consider how unchallenged is the call for universal health care. That which was properly denounced as Communist, inefficient, and universally inferior, the failures of which are clearly evidenced in the recently and dramatically failed USSR system, is now being touted as an undisputed GOOD which ought to be embraced as passionately as the Apostolic Creed once was (can you still relate to that Rev. Watts?)!

Or shall proponents cite the more up-to-date examples of de-populated Europe or compulsory one-child-policy China for us to emulate?

Back to “freedom” and that Declaration by which we at least remind ourselves of some principles for guidance. A free people is a responsible people who keep most of whatever money they make and care for their own health and wellbeing. They are free to succeed, free to fail, free to be poor, and free to contribute to the needs of others through whatever church or charitable organization or whatever avenue they choose. Most important is the underlying assumption that all people are “created” (by a Creator) in His image and thus “endowed with inalienable rights.”

The GOP formerly stood for such things. Following the decriminalization of abortion in 1973, the Reagan-led GOP included in its platform an affirmation for the sanctity of life doctrine as applied to children yet in the womb.

Perhaps the Mayor is right when he calls himself a Republican. The GOP may have transformed itself into the RINO party, even as the Democratic Party has long ago transformed itself into a Godlessly inclusive, polytheistic party of the Latest Trend.

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