Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Press Release 16 September 2006

Michael Bray
308 High Street
Wilmington, OH 45177
Fax: 937-382-4585 • Ph 937-382-8151 • mbray@ccconline.net

Press Release
16 September 2006

Reply to above address and phone number

To those whose duty it is to act:

The Writ of Execution from the United States District Court For The Southern District Of Ohio Eastern Division was signed on 17 August directing U.S. Marshals to seize the Bray house and various possessions to be sold in order to pay two Oregon abortion clinics and a band of abortionist culled from various parts of the country the $1 million judgment following PP v. ACLA

The Order was “clarified” on 6 September by another Order signed by Judge Sargus and Magistrate Kemp to actually permit the abortionists to come into my home and assist the Marshal in selecting the goods to be taken. Among the items listed are:

A Compaq desktop computer in Defendant’s bedroom, along with a modem or other data transmission device. . .

A desktop computer located in Defendant’s study, along with a data transmission device (modem) and all other associated equipment;

Each and every other computer, printer, scanner, data transmission device, and all other home office equipment . . .

All books located in the Defendant’s library and throughout the remainder of the house, with the exception of children’s entertainment and educational books and bibles. These books should include any and all copies of materials written by the
Defendant, both in published and unpublished form. [emphasis mine]

It has been clear to all defendants from the beginning that this suit was designed to suppress our speech and the propagation of those ideas which controvert abortionists and their fellows who reject the doctrine of the sanctity of life and corollary doctrine which allows for citizens to protect the innocent from the threat of death. This effort to suppress our speech now goes past the obscene court “victory” and proceeds into collection phase. Not really; it is the shut-down-free-speech phase. The Court orders that Marshals seize my writings – published and unpublished. It is clear that none of these items has any market value and cannot benefit my political opponents other than to aid them in their efforts to harass me, suppress my speech, and snoop through my writings looking for more information on “the radical anti-choice movement.”

The evidence is plain:

1. My computer is worth very little (even as I declared in deposition). It is a Presario 7AP140(K7/8 with 800 MHz purchased in August of 2002.

2. My Scanner is a Hewlett Packard 5300c series also purchased in mid 2002.

3. Fax machine was given to me used by my publisher and co-defendant, Andrew Burnett when he contracted me to write A Time to Kill in 1993. It is an ancient and relatively worthless device.

4. My books have no value on the marketplace. No money even to pay for a taxi ride by an attorney flying form the pro-abortion Paul Weiss firm in New York and riding with their co-conspirators at Squire, Sanders, and Dempsey in Columbus will be converted from my books and office equipment.

One hears many railings today about the abuse of federal power, whether they come from communist-sympathizing anti-war leftists, nationalists like Pat Buchanan, libertarians, or disgruntled over-taxed workers.

None of the federal abuses of power compare with what the federal government has done via its courts. When the federal government not only overrides the will of the states by overturning all states’ laws against abortion and sodomy by judicial fiat, then suppresses opposition to such tyranny and the murder with absurd, crushing civil suits, its legitimacy is made intolerable.

I call upon lesser authorities, whether state, county, or city, to come to my defense and protect me and my family from the ravages of this tyrant.

Because I serve the Most High, my hopes are high; but because I know that men lack courage and wisdom, my expectations are low. I make what I believe is a fair plea to legitimate authorities, lesser in power, but legitimate nevertheless and answerable to God and the people. I ask for authorities to come to my defense and give me justice, relief from this tyranny. This notice follows a letter of 3 January which I sent to thirty Ohio officials in state, country, and city government, including the county sheriff.

You have been informed; the responsibility is on your head.

Michael Bray

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