Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Wilmington Ohio


I’m a fan of “balliberation”; Like to let those jewels swing. Freedom is the way of salvation From a life of cramped gonads. I remember those days of jocks; Worse than in the summer wearin’ socks. Folks way out in the East With garments hanging to the ground May have something on us Western boys; […]

Sometimes We Stand Alone

Sometimes we stand alone Wishing we could all go home, And sometimes we have people around, The kind that are rare to be found. Diligent to serve the King They don’t hold back a thing. Standing for Truth with benevolence, The deeds of this life are evidence That He’s got them under His care And […]

Ohio Need Not Drift

Ohio need not drift along Singing that D.C. song. The feds don’t know what’s best For the states and all the rest Of the world as it drifts away Following that old pagan way About liberty and independence From the Law of God. What nonsense! Downright stupid, we must declare, Turning your life into a […]

A Real Vermin Habitat

Got a VH across the streetSomethin’ you really gotta see:A vermin habitat.Let me tell you ’bout that;Got squirrels goin’ in and out; Shut doors and widows they flout! They find holes here and there; You see ’em jumpin’ into the air! Yeah those tree rats are havin’ a time Keepin’ me up with this rhyme. […]

Old Men Talkin’ Smack

Brockhoeft, Beseda, and Bray Say don’t have it your own way. Check out the word of God! Babies are not a clod Of dirt you kick away. Come to the light of day! See what God has to say About that baby in your way. To many will be another story When they get a […]

Landed in Wilmington

Heart ache kickin’ me around! Didn’t know if I’d ever be found But I landed in Wilmington; Yeah I had been on the run. Had to find me a brand new place Get out of a nasty disgrace Yeah, and, I found that town! Had a really beautiful sound. Do what you gotta do, Take […]

Traveled Around

Started out in a place called Long Beach Way out there, yeah way out ‘o reach! Traveled around all over my life Didn’t mind it much and finally got a wife O she’s a girl a fellow couldn’t do without Got lots o’ good looks and plenty of clout Yeah she’s a fine little thing […]

The Skunks are Back!

Spring is here and the skunks are back, So there must be some mice to eat! What a treat for those critters With black and white stripes Stalking around the roots and pipes Lookin’ for some food to enjoy! Yeah,  what’s better than a tender juicy mouse Especially one livin’ like a king in your […]

To Various “Platforms”

To various “platforms” I do goDispersing Wisdom to and fro.Many ears are made to tingleBy words that give a jingle,But without substance leave one dryTo look elsewhere to give Truth a try,Wandering here and looking thereFinding nothing everywhere.I put it out, my words to see,Yes, the words of God, to set them freeFrom foolish notions […]

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