Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Wilmington Ohio

Earth-Worshipers and College Professors

Steve Szeghi An earth-worshiper, a.k.a. an “economics professor” at Wilmington College?   He is an advocate of “social justice and the environment.”  He is a co-author of Right Relationship: Building a Whole Earth Economy.  Wonderful.  But for many such folks, an important principle is missing: the Creator of that earth  – which he errantly worships in […]

The Devil’s Music?

“Why should the devil have all The good music?” crooned Larry! He sang it out and made us merry! (Sayin’ “Amen” to that song! Where was contemporary Christian music? Nowhere to be found; Needed Gospel lyrics to that sound!) Got a station playin’ it fine “The Oasis”! ’tis called – 105.9. But then I got […]

Parasite Property Owners

They buy property, especially houses, and invest as little as possible; just enough to sustain the house so that it does not deteriorate.  Otherwise, they have no interest in living in the neighborhood and building social bonds with anyone.   The house may be a mess and even a haunt for the occasional derelict drifter who […]

Letter to Elders re Prison Ministry

[Nov., 2016] Notice: Termination of Prison Ministry I have determined to abandon the prison ministry here in Wilmington in order to pursue necessary support for my family.  I am hoping to find a replacement minister(s) to continue the mission and will made efforts to that end in the next three months.   (My last prison visit […]

Abort Planned Parenthood

Contraception indicates a questioning (if not questionable) attitude toward children.  But Planned Parenthood, with its advocacy of abortion (murder) as an option, is a horrid blight on the political landscape.  When God’s plan (children by means of conception) trumps our own plans, it is advisable to heed Him rather than our own fleeting  liberty longings!  […]

Where the Music Went!

It is the motto of my local – you might say – “oldies” station, playing the popular music of the late sixties and seventies.  Indeed, it was excellent music, about which Larry Norman crooned, “Why should the devil have all the good music?”! Yes, it was good, Godless music.  High quality use of instruments and […]

To Our Mormon Visitors

29 Sept., 2022 Dear Mormons (or “Latter Day Saints” – as you fancy yourselves), For an eternity, before He made anything (angels, dirt, people), God existed as one God in three persons.  There was eternal love between the three persons of this God-head.  Thus have the (faithful) churches among all the denominations (Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, […]

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