Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Wilmington Ohio

Ikeman, Eggman

Ikeman, Eggman matters not, He’s the seventh we begot. Has his good points and his bad; I don’t mind ’em, I’m his Dad. Keeps that wrestling on the table; That’s our thing, like a label. We like to roll and wrestle others; Helps that fellowship of brothers. He’s teachin’ school and bein’ cool, Got no […]

Whence and Whither, Wilmington?

Michael Bray 28 March 2007 One of the wonderful opportunities at Wilmington High School is the development of writing skills for those who do extracurricular work for the school paper, Hurricane. Occasionally there is an article of interest for the larger community, that fellowship of citizens which pays for the school’s existence.  In the latest […]

That Nick

13 November, 2020 at 1020 That Nick Can some kinda pick That guitar When he’s a-strummin’ And a-hummin’ On that church stage! What a rage Must be made Down in the shade Of that underworld Where demons cry As they die Under the victory Of our Champ Who did stamp, Yea and did tramp All […]

Morning meditation

28 Feb., 2020 On Our Stay Among “Believer Baptizers” We have enjoyed our fellowship and our membership in a church here in Ohio which baptizes only those who “believe” (confessing their faith) and excludes the children of those believers from baptism until such time as they “feel” saved and affirm the faith in which they […]

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