Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Wilmington Ohio

Telephone Poles!

Strolling around Wilmington, I see these old telephone poles and I wonder how long they can last?  Looks like the city (or county or state) pumps some type of preservative in them – by the looks of some of the holes and plugs in the wood – but I wonder how long it will last […]

That Vaping Thing . . .

Kicked Off the Team for . . .“Vaping”!“Who’d ‘e rape?”“Nobody! Said he got kicked off for VAPING!”“What? What’s ‘at?  Don’ it with many real fast?”“NO!”“You mean he vaporized ’em?”“NO!”“You must be Jokin’.  He killed ’em, right?”“No! You . . . !  No!  I said he was SMOKIN’”“Oh no!  Who’d he smoke?  They gonna hang ‘im? […]

Wilmington Wrestling Tragedy (2)

“Kid got kicked off the team for vaping!” “What?!?  Whom did he rape?” “I said he was VAPING!” “Vaping!?  What’s that?” “You know, suckin’ in some air! Through a pipe-like thing; It’s kinda like smokin’.” “Nah, who would do such a thing!?” “Well, a fellow might get sick, ya know!” “I mean who would kick […]

For “Vaping”?

Kicked off the wrestling team for “vaping”? Yeah, not raping . . .  V-A-P-I-N-G!  Pretty dog-gone harsh and down-right cruel to us spectators.   Why should we fans be punished for such a simple “offense”? Not to mention screwing over a kid’s wrestling scholarship opportunities. Any discipline for students who blaspheme or disrespect teachers in class? […]

Jayne Endured

Sire of twelve and mothered eleven. (Anastasia died and went to heaven. In the womb she passed away, But we will see her on that day When we join with her and the redeemed After passing through many rough streams.) Jayne endured through many-a trial, Aware that she was bought by His blood. She pressed […]

To Be Ruled By Elders

The church was to be ruled by elders Not a pastor, don’t you see? ‘Twas always a better way To avoid, you know, a monarchy. You can see it throughout the scriptures, But it seems people pay them no mind. Rather make it all nice and easy To whine at one, the many, all the […]

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