Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

October, 2016

Hitlery and Other Apostate United Methodists

27 Oct., 2016 It is not John or Charles Wesley or George Whitfield that I despise.  No, as a good Lutheran fellow, I appreciate any fellow Christian with a high (i.e. historic) view of the Scriptures and the defining Creeds of the Faith.  And that Faith is affirmed by historic Presbyterians, Methodists, Baptists, Roman Catholics, […]

Democrats, Darwin, Death, and the Devil

Terry Hughes 24 Oct., 2016 What do Democrats have to do with Darwin, Death, and the Devil? I refer to Darwinists who control the Democrat Party, not ordinary Democrats. To understand, please bear with me and read on. America has two de facto Catholic Churches, a Roman Catholic Church loyal to the Bishop of Rome […]

There is Not Enough Hate in the World

21 October, 2016 “Love, love, love” crooned those Beatles back in the 60s.  And so it is, in the “Land of the Free” lovers.  It is all about “love,” especially sex.  We tolerate it pouring into our homes through a little box that we turn on.  We see all kinds of “love.”  And then we […]

The Democrat Party owns the American Catholic Church

Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences and Climate Change, University of Maine 404 North Sixth Street, Fort Pierre, South Dakota 57532, Phone: 605-223-2286 In a  letter to some friends, Dr. Hughes introduces his essay to one, “Irma” as follows:          As most of you know, the Roman Catholic Church in America has been largely taken over […]