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Author of A Time To Kill

The Democrat Party owns the American Catholic Church

Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences and Climate Change, University of Maine

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In a  letter to some friends, Dr. Hughes introduces his essay to one, “Irma” as follows:

         As most of you know, the Roman Catholic Church in America has been largely taken over by the anti-Catholic anti-life Democrat Party, and is in deep crisis as a result. There should be 150 million Catholics in America by now. Instead there are 60 million, which will shrink to 30 million in the next generation and only 10 million attending Mass regularly. Why? Because most Catholics have less than two children and the children they have have not been instructed in the Catholic Faith, so they leave in droves when they become adults. Robert Gruss, Bishop of Rapid City in South Dakota, has produced a book to address this crisis. I have read his book and my e-mail letter to Irma is my reaction. Here it is, with some typing mistakes corrected that were in the letter I sent to Irma yesterday.

          In a few words, what happened was buildings, bricks and mortar, took precedence over bodies and souls in the Catholic Church. As a result most Catholics lost the Faith and the buildings are now in the hands of “Catholics” who embrace Darwin’s account of human origins and destiny and have rejected the Biblical account. Darwin’s account is the dominant heresy within Christendom today. Darwinism has been taught to generations of Catholic youth, beginning with Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin in the last century.

          The Biblical account, focused on Jesus Christ as God Incarnate, is now mostly being taught in brand new Catholic colleges, notably Franciscan College at Steubenville in Ohio, Christendom College in Virginia, and Ave Maria College in Florida. All began with only a handful of students but are growing, while the historic Catholic colleges and universities have become “whitened sepulchres beautiful to behold on the outside but full of dead men’s bones and all manner of corruption on the inside” ( Matthew 23:27). So much for bricks and mortar. All were built at great sacrifice by poor immigrant Catholics and their children, and all are now run by Darwinian atheists masquerading as Catholics. Darwinists built nothing for the Church but are now on the payroll with generous salaries and benefits. And from these citadels they corrupt the Church and our children.

Terence J. Hughes

Date: Wed, Oct 5, 2016 at 10:35 PM

Subject: Bishop Gruss’ Diocesan Priority Plan

Dear Irma:

From 4 am to 7:30 am on Sunday morning I read Bishop Gruss’ book, Through Him, With Him, and in Him. Around noon on Sunday I phoned Father Garry and asked if he would like to discuss it with me. He would and suggested 5 pm. We conversed for about an hour after he heard my Confession. He told me you were among the laypeople who contributed to the final version of the book, so I should share my concerns with you as well. So here they are.

The thirteen chapters lay out the situation in our diocese as it is and what needs to be done. Each chapter begins with a Biblical reading pertinent to the chapter. This is good. Also the priorities are good, and are promoted to support the core values listed in Chapter 5: Prayer, Stewardship, Solidarity, Mercy, Charity, and Family. All of the behaviors to strengthen our prayer life are indeed necessary. Ditto for all the others.

What is missing are concrete examples. Here I will cite one concrete example that was missing in all six of these core values: Protecting innocent human life from abortion. This year in America, the number of known (many millions are not counted) murdered–yes, murdered–by abortion will top 60 million. That’s ten times the number of Jews murdered by Hitler’s Third Reich. Planned Parenthood alone has murdered over 6 million, with obscene financial assistance of well over a half-billion dollars every year from federal and state governments, the total boosted every year, financial assistance so great Planned Parenthood is driving out all competition for abortions so now it does over one-third of the killing. Let’s take these “core values” one-by-one.

  1. Prayer to end abortion was not among the five behaviors exemplifying prayer. Can you imagine? Praying to end murdering the next generation of Americans by the scores of millions didn’t qualify as needing prayer?
  2. Nor was fighting to end abortion mentioned in the six behaviors under Stewardship. It could have been, under “We will be responsible stewards of God’s creation.” It wasn’t.
  3. Ending abortion wasn’t listed in the six behaviors listed to exemplify Solidarity. First listed is “We will create an attitude of openness toward all people: Catholics, other Christians, people of other faiths and those with no faith.” The unborn didn’t make the cut.
  4. Among the five behaviors to exemplify Mercy, the parable of the Good Samaritan was noted. The man who went down from Jerusalem to Jericho and fell among thieves who stole all he had, beat him, and left him to die was saved by a Samaritan, despised by Jews (the “Samaritan” was Our Lord). Here was where babies being ripped to pieces by abortion by the scores of millions could have been cited as those most in need of mercy in our own time. They weren’t. No mercy for them.
  5. Among the three behaviors to exemplify Charity was “We will protect and defend the dignity of human life in all its stages” (the last behavior listed). That could apply to anyone, from migrant farm workers to men on Death’s Row. All good examples, but taken together they don’t begin to match the charity denied to the millions being slain every year–ripped to pieces alive–in America’s Abortion Auschwitzes (let’s call these charnel houses what they are).
  6. The nine behaviors to exemplify Family ignores the entire next generation of Americans being murdered without limit by abortionists, with active assistance from federal and state governments, and from all citadels of power: the media, academia, entertainment, the churches, big business, organized labor, “charitable” foundations, and yes, The Roman Catholic Church. That’s a pretty big “family” targeting the unborn for death.

May I elaborate on this last point? The Roman Catholic Church in America is the major institution enabling rampant unlimited murder of the next generation of Americans by abortion. How, you ask? Let me count the ways.

  1. When abortion was legalized throughout pregnancy by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973, the Senate Majority Leader was Mike Mansfield of Montana and the House Speaker was John McCormack of Massachusetts, both Irish Catholics. Both expressed shock and horror at that ruling. Ted Kennedy was just beginning his long Senate career and he penned one of the best letters defending the sanctity of unborn human life ever written until this very day. Yet he soon became the most intransigent and vituperous zealot for unlimited and unrestricted tax-funded abortion up to and including the day of birth.
  2. Why? Georgetown University Jesuit Father Robert Drinan, Congressman from Massachusetts, told the Kennedys and all other Democrat Catholic politicians that it was perfectly moral to support any and all legislation promoting and funding abortion provided they remained “personally opposed” to abortion. Drinan had no opposition from the Superior General of the Jesuits, from his bishop, or from the Pope in Rome. There were many others, notably “moral” theologian Father Charles Curran at the Catholic University of America.
  3. Notre Dame President Theodore Hesburgh and Chairman of the N.D. Theology Department, Father Richard McBrien decided it was safe to invite New York Governor Mario Cuomo to promote his “personally opposed, but abortion must be funded” Catholicism to Notre Dame students when Cuomo was running for the U.S. Presidency as a Democrat. Students gave him a standing ovation.
  4. Being “personally opposed but…” is largely obsolete among “Catholic” Democrat politicians today. Most are militantly pro-abortion and anti-Catholic, demanding taxpayer funding by Catholics up to and even after birth with no limits. Still no rebuke of them from their bishops or from Rome. Prominent examples are New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (Mario’s son), California Governor Jerry Brown (Jesuit educated), and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. All insist they are faithful Catholics and all are rewarded with Holy Communion when they attend Mass.
  5. In 1967 Hesburgh convened a meeting of presidents of Catholic (mostly Jesuit) colleges and universities at the Notre Dame Land O’Lakes retreat center in Wisconsin where they drafted their Declaration of Independence from the Roman Catholic Church, represented by the Catholic bishops in their dioceses.
  6. In carrying out that mission, Georgetown University stripped all Catholic symbols in obedience to President Barack Obama’s demand before he would speak there.
  7. For years, Georgetown has provided funding for student internships at Planned Parenthood in Washington, D.C., where the next generation of Americans, nearly all Black people, are being murdered by abortion. Georgetown was built by hundreds of “Negro” slaves the Jesuits owned.
  8. Georgetown invited Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards to preach abortion to Georgetown students this year. Planned Parenthood locates 79 percent of its Abortion Auschwitzes in Black neighborhoods nationwide.
  9. Not to be outdone, Notre Dame University bestowed an Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree on Barack Obama during his commencement address to promote abortion shortly after he became U.S. President, over objections by Bishop John D’Arcy of the Fort Wayne/South Bend Diocese. Shortly thereafter Obama arranged a gift of $30,000,000 to Notre Dame, thirty pieces of silver hiked by 2000 years of monetary inflation.
  10. This year Notre Dame invited Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginzberg to preach abortion to Notre Dame Students. In the New York Times Magazine, Ginsberg had stated Roe v. Wade legalizing abortion on demand in 1973 wasn’t to “liberate” women at all, it was “to prevent growth of populations we don’t want too many of.” She was carrying out the Negro Project to “exterminate the Negro population” of Planned Parenthood’s racist foundress, Margaret Sanger.

Is it fair to say these Catholic universities have become infected with Darwinian racism, which claims Black people are less “evolved” than White people, and can therefore be treated as inferiors? Yes.

With so many prominent Catholics in power positions in the Democrat Party, it could have been and should have been the Pro-Life Party. Did those Catholics, and Catholic bishops, fight—really fight—to make it so? No.

Roe v. Wade was ghost written by Irish Catholic Justice William Brennan, not Harry Blackmun, the “official” author, according to Bob Woodward and Scott Armstrong in their 1979 book, The Brethren: Inside the Supreme Court. Legalized abortion has been subsequently upheld and reinforced by other Catholic Justices, Anthony Kennedy, Sonia Sotomayor, and Chief Justice John Roberts. He cemented abortion into Obama’s Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

In the late 1980s, Randall Terry, a lay evangelist, founded Operation Rescue, which used peaceful sit-ins at America’s Abortion Auschwitzes to rescue women seeking abortions and their babies. These sit-ins were modeled after the sit-ins used by Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., to end racial segregation, and for which King was honored with a National Holiday and the Nobel Peace Prize. Many Catholics participated in Operation Rescue sit-ins. At first, local Catholic churches provided facilities to house rescuers overnight before a sit-in.

That quickly morphed into hostility culminating when the U.S. Congress, led by Irish Catholic Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell from Maine and Irish Catholic House Speaker Thomas Foley from Washington State, sponsored the Freedom Of Access To Clinic Entrances Act (FACE) which punished rescuers, including rescues led by Father Norman Weslin, who founded the Lambs Of Christ to conduct Catholic sit-ins.

FACE imposed draconian prison sentences for rescuers and crushing fines imposed to render their families destitute. Many rescuers were married couples with young children. I know. I was among them imprisoned in six states before FACE became law when Bill Clinton signed it. The same First Amendment activity that got Reverend King a National Holiday and a Nobel Peace Prize got us long sentences in federal prisons and impoverishment of our families. For what? For trying to save just a few (all we could save) of the millions of the next generation being systematically murdered by abortion.

FACE and all the other laws enacted by Congress and State Legislatures to crush the free speech and assembly of Christians, very often Catholics, for obeying Proverbs 24:11-12, “Rescue those being dragged to the slaughter,” have largely succeeded. Why? Because Democrat Catholic politicians enacting these laws were rewarded–rewarded–by their bishops. Yes, rewarded.

How? By continuing to give Our Lord to them in Holy Communion, by ordering their priests to desecrate Him in this way, and by denouncing those who wanted bishops to show some pastoral concern for the immortal souls of these politicians and for the bishops and priests themselves by engaging in this Sacrilege. The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist is so central to the Catholic Faith that Catholics who no longer believe not only stop being Catholics, they stop being Christians and the worst become openly anti-Catholic. Our bishops give them a pass and our priests give them Holy Communion–under orders from their bishops. A Sacrilege! They are making Jesus Christ an accomplice to murder, mass murder of the next generation of Americans!

What has been the result? Beginning with the bishops themselves, then with the priests, then with lay Catholics, belief in the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament could not be sustained in the face of this Sacrilege. A Sacrilege is profaning what is sacred, in this case Who is Sacred, Who is Divine.

Catholics attending Mass see the consecrated host given to known militantly pro-abortion Catholic politicians who demand Catholics fund mass murder. Bishops say, “We don’t want to politicize the Eucharist.” Oh? Isn’t rewarding these unrepentant politicians politicizing the Eucharist, making Jesus Christ bestow His “imprimatur” on mass murder of the next generation?

How to explain it? God isn’t truly present in the host. It’s just bread. Even though Jesus Christ said He was present, in John 6 and at the Last Supper. So then what? Voting for these mass-murderers is okay. Never mind that the first communication between God Incarnate and humanity was from Jesus Christ only days from His conception to John the Baptist three months from birth, both in the womb. Did you know John leapt with joy because Jesus had freed him from Original Sin so he could proclaim baptism for the forgiveness of sins in anticipation of Christ’s Sacramental Baptism?

Then what? Jesus was just a man who lied in John 6 and at the Last Supper. So bishops can ignore the Great Commission Jesus gave to His disciples just before His Ascension: “Go ye into the whole world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). The result? Half of Catholics have left the Church, half of those who remain do not believe in the Real Presence, and the Catholic Faith has not been passed on to our children.

This is why Bishop Gruss thinks writing Through Him, With Him, and In Him was necessary. But nowhere in his book is this reason stated in clear, concrete words. The babies “being dragged to the slaughter” aren’t mentioned. They don’t exist. Show me one place in the book where their plight is recorded.

What is recorded? The only specific–specific–thing recorded is the “need” for Catholics in the Rapid City Diocese to cough up money to build a multi-million dollar “new chancery building” and to fund “future growth on the Terra Sancta campus” in Rapid City (Chapter 11, page 99). Bricks and mortar in Rapid City count more than bodies and souls of unborn babies in the diocese. Bricks and mortar are mentioned. Babies being murdered by the scores of millions aren’t.

Also mentioned is funding an “Office of Social Justice with paid staff” (Chapter 12, page 119). For what purpose? For “promoting respect for all human life…for economic justice…for promotion of the common good…for good stewardship of God’s creation” blah, blah, blah. No word about saving–saving–human beings—babies–from death by torture, only “respecting” human life. That can mean respecting a woman’s right to “choose” abortion, thereby respecting her life, respecting parents’ right to “choose” euthanasia for a handicapped child, a doctor’s right to “choose” death for a “terminally ill” patient, the government’s right to “terminate” unproductive elderly citizens who no longer pay taxes.

That’s what the Democrat Party means by Social Justice. Chancery Social Justice offices all over America are staffed by pro-abortion pro-sodomy Democrats on salary. Very rarely will a Republican be found in those offices, and the few who are are pro-abortion. This whole section of Bishop Gruss’ book strikes me as a plan to advance the Culture of Death, if not by him, by his successors, as did his predecessor, Bishop Blase Cupich (now Archbishop of Chicago, a high-visibility promotion).

Cupich refused to put an announcement for the annual convention of South Dakota Right to Life in West River Catholic, his diocesan newspaper, he refused to support Bishop John D’Arcy in opposing honoring Barack Obama at Notre Dame, and as Bishop of Spokane he ordered his priests to not participate in Forty Days For Life which employs prayer and fasting to end abortion nationwide.  Now he’s “Cardinal” Cupich, his reward from Pope Francis for opposing prayer and fasting to end aborting the next generation of Americans.  Francis decreed 2016 a Year Of Mercy. That’s “mercy”?

I asked Father Ron Garry why Bishop Gruss needed all this new bricks-and-mortar construction just a few years after the diocese purchased Terra Sancta from an order of nuns that was dying for lack of vocations. He told me it was a long drive from the present chancery at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cathedral to Terra Sancta. “How long?” I asked. “About fifteen minutes” Father Ron replied. I said, “So Catholics in the Rapid City Diocese are expected to cough up millions of dollars to spare Bishop Gruss a fifteen-minute drive? Doesn’t he have a chauffeur to do the driving? Why can’t chancery offices be located at Terra Sancta?”

When the British Empire was collapsing, the Admiralty that had sustained the empire expanded its offices several-fold in London. As the Catholic Church in America is collapsing it engages in a massive bricks-and-mortar building program that will drive more Catholics out of the Church. Nearly a third of Catholics in the Rapid City Diocese are on the Sioux Reservations. They are dirt poor. Why can’t the “bricks-and-mortar” money be used to provide jobs on the reservations? For example, establishing a company that assembles electronic parts for high-tech industries. Such work uses brains, not bricks; minds, not mortar.

Most of the remaining Catholics live from one paycheck to the next, not knowing if there will be a next. I told Father Garry our bishop can’t keep going to Karl and Bill Fischer here in Fort Pierre to finance his brick-and-mortar projects. Rebuilding the Church and nurturing vocations has to be done in each parish and each family, not in new brick-and-mortar buildings and offices staffed by pro-abortion Democrats in Rapid City.

Need proof? Tim Kaine got a standing ovation from his priest and parishioners at Mass when he appeared the Sunday after he became Hillary–Hitlery–Clinton’s running mate and had abandoned his pro-life “convictions” to embrace her murderous pro-abortion and anti-Catholic agenda that includes forcing Catholics to pay for all abortions nationwide right up to the day of birth–abortions that would target babies of inner-city African-Americans.

Planned Parenthood operates 79 percent of its Abortion Auschwitzes in inner-city Black neighborhoods, now expanding into Hispanic neighborhoods. But Kaine remained “personally opposed” to abortion so he receives Our Lord in Holy Communion. Kaine boasted at the Vice-Presidential debate last night (4 October 2016) that he was a Jesuit-educated faithful Irish Catholic and he supports abortions even at the moment of birth, all abortions, all funded by taxes extracted by force from Catholics. He got a standing ovation in his Catholic parish church.

Why have all these Irish Catholic politicians and clergy become so militantly pro-abortion and anti-Catholic? Their names are like the Irish roll-call in the Tin Pan Alley song, MacNamera’s Band. In my lifetime, the Irish ruled the Church coast-to-coast from Boston Cardinal Archbishop Bernard Law (called Cardinal Outlaw by Alan Keyes), to St. Paul/Minneapolis Archbishop Harry “flimflam” Flynn, to Los Angeles Cardinal Archbishop Roger “phony baloney” Mahony, and on and on. Why this loyalty within the Catholic Church in America to the Democrat Party, a bond so strong that many (most?) bishops, priests, and laity are Democrats first and Catholics last? Money. Money gained through an iron bond with the Democrat Party all over America except in the Deep South where few Catholics live. Taxpayer money given in exchange for giving Holy Communion to Democrat politicians who demand taxpayer funding of abortion.

Here’s how it came about. The first large Catholic immigration to the United States was during the 1846-1850 potato famine in Ireland. Starving and impoverished, most remained in seaport cities on the East Coast. That was Yankee Land in the northeast and they encountered anti-Catholic signs, “No Catholics need apply” and “No Irish need apply” in shop windows and on factory gates. Most Yankees belonged to the dominant Whig Party (the Republican Party didn’t exist). The Democrat Party was smaller so the Irish took it over by sheer force of numbers.

In an Irish family of eight children, among boys one would become a politician and one would become a priest. They would organize Irish Catholic parishes to vote their politicians into office. The other boys could then be appointed policemen and firemen, and get work building Catholic schools and hospitals. Among girls, one would become a nun, one a teacher in a Catholic school, one a nurse in a Catholic hospital, and one a nanny or domestic servant in a wealthy Yankee family. These overheard and reported what the Yankee overlords were plotting to suppress the Irish. Irish families for generations were engaged in taking and expanding political control, first in the Northeast, then in all major American cities across the Midwest all the way to the Pacific Coast.

Irish Catholics had an advantage over other Catholic immigrants by speaking English and knowing English Common Law in Ireland, and also being concentrated in large cities where they exerted maximum influence on both the Church and the State through the Democrat Party, which was their ladder for upward economic mobility. Government, not private enterprise, provided the most secure jobs. That mindset among Irish Catholics remains today. Even though the Kennedy family patriarch got his fortune in bootlegging and legal business activities, the political tie was strong and he groomed his sons for political careers in government.

My great grandfather flirted with politics, but he had worked in Scotland for seven years before emigrating in 1848, the worst famine year, so he had enough money to homestead in Iowa. When he became a prosperous farmer, he decided to run for local office as a Democrat, but the Democrat Party in Iowa was controlled by the anti-Catholic Ku Klux Klan. So the Hughes family became Republicans. My grandfather and father were ranchers and lawyers, then judges, in South Dakota, but Republicans. I expect most Irish Catholics who remain Democrats will vote for Hitlery Clinton, despite her promised open persecution of their Church. They are Democrats first, Catholics last, like their bishops.

The “golden age” of the Catholic Church in America was the 1950s when I was a teenager on the Hughes cattle ranch just south of Fort Pierre in South Dakota. We got the Catholic Digest. One issue every year was devoted to growth in the American Catholic Church, growth in numbers of converts, in baptisms, in marriages, in vocations, in schools, in colleges and universities, in hospitals, in sending missionaries overseas, and in upward mobility in America, especially in politics, business, the military, entertainment, and law. Even as a boy, I took this as bragging. We did it on our own, despite anti-Catholic bigotry. Jesus Christ wasn’t mentioned. Although I didn’t know it, deep rot was at the roots of the Church. It broke surface in the 1960s.

The 20th Century began with a vision from Jesus Christ to Pope Leo XIII saying it would be the Century of Satan. Pope Leo composed the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel who defeated Lucifer-become-Satan at the Dawn of Creation, and ordered it be said after every Catholic Mass worldwide. World War I soon followed, a war driven by political leaders who embraced Charles Darwin’s Godless “explanation” for human origins and destiny: from worms to worm excrement. Darwinism was blatant racism to justify British imperialism, the deadly racist heresy injected into Christendom by his 1859 book, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. Most “favoured”? The Victorian English Gentleman.

Like all idol worship, Darwinism demands Human Sacrifice on a massive scale. In World War I, Christians murdered Christians by the millions. Then in 1917 the Mother of God appeared to three children near Fatima, in Portugal, and predicted another war unless the Church and Christians generally returned to Jesus Christ, a prophesy given Divine Authority by the great Miracle of the Sun witnessed by scores of thousands for miles around. Instead of repenting, most Christians accepted as rulers new atheistic Darwinists, Hitler and Stalin, false idols who began World War II by invading Catholic Poland, triggering much more in human sacrifice, including extermination of God’s Chosen People, the Jews.

Those wars consumed the first half of the 20th Century. The second half was consumed by human sacrifice on an immensely larger scale: legalized murder of the next generation by abortion, and it persists even stronger into the 21st Century. The Mother of God said all this could be avoided if we returned to Her Son. She left a Third Message with Sister Lucia, the oldest of the children, that the Holy Father in Rome should make public in 1960. Pope John XXIII (recently declared a Saint) refused. Instead, he convened Vatican Council II in 1962, seeking a human solution to the many crises facing the Church. As a result, the Roman Catholic Church lost well over half its members in the decade following Vatican II. Those members have not returned and members who remained stopped having enough children to replace themselves, using drugs and abortion to prevent conception and birth.

The prayer to St. Michael is no longer said at Mass. It was dropped after Vatican II. Forty years too late, Pope Saint John Paul the Great released the Third Message. It described the consequences of disobedience, as if we hadn’t already experienced it—a Church in ruins.

This human genocide now running rampant has decimated four generations of Catholics and other Christians. It is God’s punishment for worshipping false idols, primarily Charles Darwin but others too, atheists Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud being prominent examples–the Big Three among many Antichrists within Christendom.

The Original Sin within the Catholic Church that made this happen was pride, the Original Sin of Angels and Men. Among American Catholics, clerical and lay, the Democrat Party has become their idol. They once prided themselves that by taking over the Democrat Party they had ushered in a “golden age” of the Catholic Church in America. This idol worship culminated in electing an Irish Catholic as President of the United States in 1960, a serial adulterer and murderer of his own children by abortion.

A decade later the Democrat Party, having taken over the Catholic Church from within, became the party dedicated to murdering the next generation of Americans by abortion, with the full and willing support of Catholic bishops using Holy Communion as the Sacrament of Abortion rewarding Catholic politicians who conducted the betrayal and had turned the American Catholic Church into a  “windswept house” repeating what happened in Europe, and documented by Malachi Martin in his 1998 book having that name.

Human genocide began when most Catholic bishops rejected the encyclical Humanae Vitae by Pope Paul VI that condemned artificial contraception. Unlike natural family planning based on the natural fertility rhythms of women, artificial contraception is based on “the knowledge of good and evil” promised by Satan to Adam and Eve, telling them, “You will be like gods.” Manmade contraception pumps powerful steroids into women, attacking their healthy reproductive system, and triggering cervical and breast cancer as lethal side effects.

Satan’s lies are always peddled as truth. Since the creation account in Genesis, the only creation we know continues today is creation of new human beings, a gift to mankind denied even to God’s angels. We provide the body and God creates the soul. Without a body, no soul is created. In using our knowledge of good and evil promised by Satan to thwart God’s plan to partner with mankind in populating Heaven with those who love God, we became Devil Worshippers. That was the Original Sin of Adam and Eve, and it is repeated by contracepting Catholics today. It leads to murder, abortion in our case, Cain murdering Abel in the Genesis account. Have you ever heard a priest explain this to you during his sermon at Mass? Neither have I.

These are examples of the kind of care for souls that should take precedence over bricks-and-mortar in restoring the Catholic Faith in the Diocese of Rapid City and nationwide. It must begin in each parish and family, from the bottom up, employing the principle of subsidiarity, not from the top down from pro-abortion Democrats on salary in new offices within a new chancery building in Rapid City. This may not occur under Bishop Gruss. But it will surely occur under one of his successors, just as so many Catholic churches, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, and other brick-and-mortar edifices, built at great sacrifice by poor immigrant Catholics taking the most dangerous and least paying jobs in America, have been taken over by Darwinist heretics who provided not one penny to their construction and maintenance.

From these once-Catholic citadels, these atheists now corrupt our children with the Darwinist heresy. They refuse to have children of their own. Why waste their time, money, and energy producing what is ultimately worm excrement? Instead, they enjoy la dolce vita, and congratulate themselves in corrupting our children from their positions of power within the Roman Catholic Church.

I’ll close on a personal note. I’m a Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences and Climate Change at the University of Maine, where I taught and did research for 36 years. The university is in Orono, a suburb of Bangor. Orono has two Catholic churches, Saint Mary of the Assumption parish church in downtown Orono and Our Lady of Wisdom Newman Center just off campus.

Saint Mary’s church is the jewel of Orono, built of stone with twin steeples representing the Old and New Covenants and three entrances representing the Holy Trinity. It is the most Eucharistic church I have ever seen, including St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. It has stained glass windows inside depicting the role of Our Lady and Her Son in Salvation History. Above the high altar are three other stained glass windows. In the center is Jesus Christ exposing his Sacred Heart and framed by grape vines with sheaves of wheat behind Him. To His left is Abraham restrained by an angel from offering his son Isaac in sacrifice to God. To His right is Abraham and Melchizedek the High Priest of Salem exchanging gifts of bread and wine. Next to the church was St. Mary’s School, three stories high and also of stone. The Joseph Orono Knights of Columbus met there.

Our Lady’s Newman Center was made of painted plywood with no exterior hint whatever it was a place of worship. Inside, the altar looked like a butcher’s block and it was at the bottom of a well, with concrete steps on two sides where people sat. Banners hung on the left wall promoting environmental and New Age worship. Windows directly behind the butcher’s block showed the changing seasons outside: winter snow on bushes and trees replaced by budding flowers in spring, squirrels and birds leaping among boughs in summer, and a paintbox of fall foliage in autumn, all distractions during Mass. The Blessed Sacrament was in a plain white box on a post in a closet at the end of a narrow dark corridor off to one side in back. Had hiding Jesus Christ from Catholic students been the goal in designing the Newman Center?

The Catholic witness was vibrant and obvious when I arrived in Orono in 1974. When I left Orono in 2010, St. Mary’s had closed, both church and school, the K.C. council was defunct, and only the Newman Center remained open, on orders by the Bishop of Portland. Catholics in Maine had three bishops during my 36 years there, all from the Archdiocese of Boston, all Irish Catholics, and all opening church dining halls for fundraising dinners to elect pro-abortion Catholic Democrat politicians.

The Church World, the diocesan weekly newspaper in Maine, went bellyup. It featured a weekly column by Richard McBrien of Notre Dame, who spun the “seamless garment” of Chicago Cardinal Archbishop Joseph Bernardin that equates murdering the entire next generation of Americans by abortion with much lesser evils. One such “evil” today is phony: “protecting” the planet from “catastrophic man-caused global warming” that demands reducing the non-White global population by abortion in the pro-abortion Democrat Party agenda.

A similar listing of Social Justice concerns appears on page 118 of Chapter 12 in Bishop Gruss’ book. Now sodomy marches in lockstep with abortion among Democrats. It took the anti-Catholic Boston Globe to expose homosexual predatory priests sodomizing altar boys in the Boston Archdiocese. Two such priests were assigned to St. Mary’s when our boys served at Mass. What do abortion and sodomy have in common? No children are born. Satan wins.

Bishop Gruss is probably aware of all this and knows these concerns cannot be stated boldly in his book without alienating too many Catholics who still attend Mass and are Democrats. That’s the tragedy of it. Those Catholics will be personally offended when they should be saying: “At last! Finally we have a bishop who knows the depth of the crisis!” You may think I’m bitter after reading my letter. I’m not. I’m saddened. But beyond that, I’m thrilled because I know Jesus Christ has already won the victory. God is not mocked. The victory will not emerge in my lifetime, but I’ll see it unfold from Heaven. And at age 78, I’ll be there soon enough.

Viva Cristo Rey!

Terry Hughes

Fort Pierre, South Dakota

PS: Our Lord lamented, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests but the Son of Man has no place to lay His head” (Luke 9:58). Neither did His disciples. Yet they changed the world by proclaiming His gospel. Without bricks and mortar.

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