Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

August, 2020

Anarchy? No Misdemeanor

31 August, 2020 Anarchy is no misdemeanor!  It is a CAPITAL crime. Before trying and executing these punk anarchists, they must be publicly horse-whipped.  Anarchy is a heinous crime which threatens the whole nation.  It is an attack upon The People.  Our government, with its high tolerance for free speech and public protest, has lost its […]

I Will Follow You, Ooh!

Tomlin’s “I Will Follow You” “Who you love, I’ll love How you serve, I’ll serve If this life I lose, I will follow you I will follow you” “Whom you love, I’ll love”!  is correct.  Puullllleaaase!  I can’t enjoy the song because of the sloppy error.  Every time I hear the song I want to […]

You Know You’re An Ass

You know you’re an ass So you hit that grass Trying to escape your sin. Oh the din of that life Rife with all that strife And what to do with yourself? Oh but the wealth That is stored up and ready For the taking Raking it in by the Spirit Who lives and moves […]


Got some Name Only Christians Just a knockin’ ’round Actin’ like time’s aplenty ‘Til they go to the ground. Oh, but it’s a-comin’ And not lookin’ pretty Folks just playin’ around Makin’ jokes, bein’ witty. Oh yes it comes Like that thief in the night No warning, no second chance Its over and you’re out […]

No Disfigured Face, Hunched Back

Or Crushed Testicles Allowed! (11 August, 2020 meditation on my prescribed morning reading:  Lev. 21:20) That is the word from Moses on physical qualifications for service in the ceremonies for cleansing unto holiness.   Now the first two would be off-putting to the participants in public religious procedures.  An ugly face and sloppy posture might well […]

The Corona Blessing: The Almighty Brings Parents to Maturity

4 Aug., 2020 For some, the virus has served to compel improvements in parenting.  Careers cans serve as an escape from the duty to “parent,” to “rear,” – indeed to “disciple” one’s children.  Parenting is a labor that some, to their discredit, are happy to circumvent or attenuate.  Careers sometimes provide a relief from that […]

State of the Union Redux

The following was my meditation indited on 3 Feb., 2020: Post State-of-the-Union-Address Meditation That those in darkness would come into the Light, O Lord!  We pray for you to open the eyes of abortionists, sodomites, Godless hippies, Democrats, and any dopey GOPers who have not embraced the most important principle of the GOP –  the […]

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