Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Anarchy? No Misdemeanor

31 August, 2020

Anarchy is no misdemeanor!  It is a CAPITAL crime.

Before trying and executing these punk anarchists, they must be publicly horse-whipped.  Anarchy is a heinous crime which threatens the whole nation.  It is an attack upon The People. 

Our government, with its high tolerance for free speech and public protest, has lost its civic compass!   The people take peace and order for granted, assuming somehow that it is the norm in human history. 

On the contrary, tyranny, oppression, and slavery are the normal conditions down through the ages.   Until recently, with the decriminalization of abortion and the subsequent slaughter of 62 million by legal abortion in the U.S. up to the present, we had system of liberty and justice unmatched in history. 

Solution.  Arrest the anarchists.  In the turmoil, while on a roll to restore justice, establish peace and security for the children in the womb.  Close down all abortuaries and prosecute those who procure them “in the alleys” with murder charges.

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