Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

July, 2022

Isaiah Chapter Two Redux for You

Those Philistines were nothin’ but a tool; It was the Lord Who put Saul to death. (Remember where you get yourself breath!) Stick with the Lord and do His will; Sometimes you got to just sit still. It’s all about those commands, More glorious than all the world’s bands; The very words of life He’s […]

Just Took a Walk

Just took a walk and it was hot; Went all around my block. Saw on the porch a few paranoiacs Wearin’ a mask without annoyance, Sittin’ quite alone with no one to commune Hopin’ a friend would come soon, I reckon.  Made not a lick o’ sense, But put into mind some suspense. Who’s gonna […]

Holy Poetry for the Common Man

(Caution. Not necessarily for children or pernickety adults) It cannot be denied, I am a piece o’ shit ‘Tis my confession; can’t deny it. We are sinners in the hands of a holy God, Traipsing all over His beautiful sod. I am I among this nasty congregation Unable to achieve a feasible segregation. Sin’s hold […]

Need Ike to Cut That Lawn

Need to get Ike back on the lawn; Got to get that grass cuttin’ on. The boy is down right necessary; Can’t go find a girl to marry! We need him here all his life Can’t have him out findin’ a wife! “O Lord, help us find a way The grass is growin’ every day! […]

The People Are Going Into Exile

(Is. 5:13-23) The people are going into exile For a big o’ lack o’ that knowledge (Got nothin’ t’ do with that college) The honorable men are famished And the multitude is downright parched Sheol got his mouth wide open For some souls ready and gropin’. The city’s getting’ swallowed right up (14) The Lord […]

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