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Author of A Time To Kill


PP Collection in Ohio

Two years before the surprise raid on the Bray home, Michael Bray filed a ten-page affidavit in July of 2005 in response to PP’s continuing efforts to take his home, computers, books, and papers.  Any literary flair proceeds from the influence of his excellent counselor, Thomas Condit.  Below are the first six pages of that affidavit: […]

Summary of PP v. ACLA

Jayne Bray 26 January, 2013 In 1994 a band of abortionists and Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit against the American Coalition of Life Activists [ACLA] and 14 individual anti-abortion activists. The ACLA was formed as a coalition of pro-life activists across the U.S. for the purpose of opposing abortion by LAWFUL means while refusing, as […]

Press Release 16 September 2006

Michael Bray 308 High Street Wilmington, OH 45177 Fax: 937-382-4585 • Ph 937-382-8151 • mbray@ccconline.net Press Release 16 September 2006 Reply to above address and phone number To those whose duty it is to act: The Writ of Execution from the United States District Court For The Southern District Of Ohio Eastern Division was signed […]

So Planned Barrenhood Wants 1.4 Billion

Michael Bray 1995 for Advocates For Life That’s one billion, four hundred million U.S. dollars.  Sounds like some kind of federal deficit number bantered about by profligate congressmen. And they got some fancy New York City law firm called Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison. We shall pray for them: Lord, “Break the teeth of […]

Smoke and mirrors: Planned Parenthood’s Conspiracy to End Free Speech

Life Advocate March/April, 1999 Volume XIII Number 5 By Cathy Ramey In late October of 1995 Planned Parenthood, through an Oregon affiliate, along with the Feminist Women’s Health Center chain filed suit in the U.S. District Court, Ninth Circuit against two organizations and 14 anti-abortionists from around the country. The U.S. District Court of Oregon […]

A Letter to John Broderick

Posted 2 June, 2012 by Bray introducing the  letter there-following to Broderick: The pressing issue of this letter was resolved by Michael Bray’s filing for bankruptcy which action terminated deposition efforts against him for the moment. As judgment creditors, PP had the right to take depositions to discover any assets that defendants had in fulfillment […]

PP of the Columbia-Willamette’s Own George Kabacy

Michael Bray 2 June, 2012 George Elliot Kabacy worked at Lovejoy Surgi-Center in Washington and Planned Parenthood of the Columbia-Willamette in Oregon (both National Abortion Federation members). The latter abortion business is the plaintiff in the lawsuits known as Planned Parenthood v. American Coalition of Life Activists (1995) of which I am a defendant and […]

Resisting the Tyrant Federal Judiciary

Capitol Area Christian News, Winter, 1999 On Pearl Harbor Day, I am scheduled for post-judgment deposition in Baltimore. PP purportedly wants to discover what money I have pursuant to the Jones court finding that I am liable for $8 million. Judge Robert E. Jones of the District Court in Oregon is the chap who presided […]

Phone Records

Capitol Area Christian News, Winter, 1998 Last summer we received a note from the phone company informing us that Planned Barrenhood had induced the court (a.k.a. Judge Robert Jones) to direct them to hand over all my phone records since 1993. (That’s a whole lot of numerals to type out. Hope they didn’t pass the […]

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