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PP of the Columbia-Willamette’s Own George Kabacy

Michael Bray
2 June, 2012

George Elliot Kabacy worked at Lovejoy Surgi-Center in Washington and Planned Parenthood of the Columbia-Willamette in Oregon (both National Abortion Federation members). The latter abortion business is the plaintiff in the lawsuits known as Planned Parenthood v. American Coalition of Life Activists (1995) of which I am a defendant and – now – “judgment debtor.” I had never seen or had any contact with any of those whom I am judged to have threatened. But it is a curious thing to consider the character of the people who have brought such an obscene legal accusation – a threat to several abortionists whom we have never seen nor contacted in any way.

Consider the character of Mr. Kabacy, the child pornographer, and whether the signs produced by my co-defendants were not appropriate! The posters caricatured such “doctors” as men “Wanted for Crimes Against Humanity” and featured them as criminals for whom a reward would be given should evidence be produced of their criminal behavior. How apropos that criminal behavior should be found among men so base as to murder the innocent! It is a small thing one who butchers children to deal with the same in a morally perverse manner.

Here follows the report on the Planned Parenthood of Columbia-Willamette’s employee, Abortionist George Kabacy.

Christian Hill
The Olympian, Dec. 1, 2007

A former gynecologist who worked at Sound Choice Health Center in Olympia pleaded guilty in federal court Friday to possessing more than 8,000 images of child pornography at his home in Lacey.

Federal prosecutors and the attorney representing George E. Kabacy, 68, recommend that he serve five to 10 years in prison. Sentencing is set for Feb. 15 in U.S. District Court in Tacoma. Kabacy pleaded guilty to one count of possessing child pornography in exchange for federal prosecutors dismissing one count of advertising it.

In a written statement, Neil Fox, Kabacy’s attorney in Seattle, said his client regrets and apologizes for his conduct. Kabacy elected not to contest the charges “because of his deep remorse and shame for the dishonor that he has brought upon himself and his family,” according to the statement.

Kabacy, who no longer practices medicine, recently learned he suffers from early onset of Alzheimer’s, the statement says.

“And while that diagnosis does not excuse his conduct, it may provide an explanation of his behavior,” it says.

A man who answered the phone at Kabacy’s residence Friday night referred questions to the attorney.

The FBI began investigating Kabacy in September 2006 after a child-porn suspect in Georgia provided Kabacy’s e-mail address as a source of material and authorized FBI agents to assume the suspect’s online identity to investigate Kabacy, court papers say.

Special agent Ryan Bruett executed a search warrant at Kabacy’s home Dec. 19.

“Dr. Kabacy asked what would happen to him,” Bruett wrote in an affidavit. “I responded that if we found any child pornography, he would be placed under arrest.”

A grand jury indicted Kabacy on the two charges in January.

Kabacy admitted in the plea agreement that he knowingly possessed more than 8,000 still digital images and additional video files of child pornography.

The files were stored on a laptop computer and 36 compact discs, court papers say.

“Defendant further admits that some of said images depicted sadomasochistic conduct, including bondage or bestiality involving minors,” the papers say.

“Defendant further admits that some of said images depicted pre- pubescent minors and/or minors under the age of 12 years.”

In January 1995, at the height of violence against abortion providers, some anti-abortionists unveiled their “Deadly Dozen” poster, identifying doctors who performed abortions. Among those listed — with a home address — was Kabacy, who then practiced at Planned Parenthood of the Columbia-Willamette in Oregon.

Several doctors who performed abortions had been killed around the nation in the early 1990s, and the day after the poster was unveiled, the FBI offered bulletproof vests and other protection to the doctors.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals held that the poster constituted unlawful threats and upheld a $500,000 verdict against the activists who created it.

Kabacy moved to Washington at least 11 years ago and worked until his arrest at Sound Choice Health Center in Olympia.

Kabacy has been on home electronic monitoring pending trial.

In arguing that he should not be held, his attorney noted in court papers: “Mr. Kabacy has no prior criminal history at all. Instead, he has a well-documented history of providing medical services to the people of Oregon and Washington in the face of grave personal danger. … His life history is one of dealing with adversity and acting responsibly in the face of such, not running away.”

He was named the Oregon Medical Association’s Doctor-Citizen of the Year in 1988.

The parties recommend Kabacy receive 10 years of supervision after his release.

He must register as a sex offender and could be ordered to pay restitution to victims.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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