Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Resisting the Tyrant Federal Judiciary

Capitol Area Christian News,
Winter, 1999

On Pearl Harbor Day, I am scheduled for post-judgment deposition in Baltimore. PP purportedly wants to discover what money I have pursuant to the Jones court finding that I am liable for $8 million. Judge Robert E. Jones of the District Court in Oregon is the chap who presided over the trial which weighed the charges brought by PP and sundry abortionists that I and a dozen others (ACLA et al) threatened Abortionists Warren Hern, Robert Crist, and a few others I have never heard of.

Now, I have never spoken to any of these fine citizens. And my last visit to Oregon was in 1959 when my dad was transferred from Seattle to San Diego. We were just passing through and there weren’t at that time any known abortionists in Oregon or even the Union. Nevertheless, evidence used against me – my writings in this publication (CACN), my book, A Time to Kill, my fearsome ex-con biography, and numerous TV and print media interviews in which I uphold the humanity of womb children by affirming their right to be protected with force- was sufficient in the minds of government-school indoctrinated jurors to warrant such a judgment.

(What kind of moral acumen can one expect to find in this holocaust-suffused citizenry?)

Even as I was typing this article for you, our lawyer called to inform us that Judge Jones has issued two orders: 1) that I give my “donor’s list” for my newsletter and the “membership list” of my church. The judge says he wants to do an “in camera” evaluation of the list to determine whether or not to hand it over to Planned Parenthood; 2) that no defendant use any income except for housing and food.

I am reminded of my 6-year-old’s query the other day about the threat of losing possessions: “If the judge comes to take our car, can we call the police?”

This one was followed after further discussion by: “Are there any good judges?”

Well, it is not that I am trying to teach my children to be lawless, but it is difficult to teach them respect for the present federal regime.

My first act of disobedience shall be to pay my tithe tomorrow at the assembly of God. I may even purchase a Christmas tree if I am feeling saucy. (I shall remain silent about any other subversive deeds at this time.) But I assure you that neither this tyrant nor any of his colleagues shall receive lists of CACN subscribers or membership of Reformation Lutheran Church. I am good with matches.

In similar news, Tim Dreste, a co-defendant from St. Louis, was deposed on 30 November and threatened with contempt for asserting First and Fifth Amendment rights following refusal to answer questions about church and friends. His contempt hearing is scheduled for 13 December.

Tim in an excellent soul among the many perverse ones in this generation. A recent AP report (Nov. 13, 1999 out of Jefferson City, Mo.) said “Tim Dreste, a controversial anti-abortion activist, was ousted today from the Missouri Republican State Committee.” This cowardly action segued from the lawsuit. According to the AP report, “The Missouri GOP, embarrassed by the publicity, unsuccessfully tried to persuade Dreste to resign. The party then supported a change in state law, approved by the Legislature, that set up a procedure for removing members from the party’s leadership panel.”

I expressed in the fall 1997 issue my concerns for Y2K as a judgment of God. Sometimes, it is comforting to think about the deliverance from an oppressor that might follow. But this is probably naïve. Judgment is rarely so surgical. Moreover, the present government, itself, is a judgment of a kind. It is the government deserved by a Godless people. A people which despise the holy Law of God do not deserve to have judges who rule with justice; for true justice proceeds from His law. So it is, that we deserve Judge Jones. Like, we the people, he does not care for divine justice.

I don’t know what next year holds for the publishing of CACN, all things considered. It may be that God’s purposes have been satisfied and that a “famine of CACN,” as it were, is in store. My own desire is to continue production. And if the resources in time and money permit, we shall press on. But know this: I am grateful for your support and encouragement; and for your love for the Truth.

Enjoy the calendar and order extras while we have them!

Merry Christmas, and may our God, the Lord of hosts, protect and keep you.

Remember our brethren in bonds.

The peace of the Lord.

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