Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

June, 2023

Violating the Constitution . . .

No, JACKASSES!   Anti-abortion action does not “violate the constitution!”  But slaughtering babies violates the foundation of the Constitution –   the right to LIFE upon which liberty and the pursuit of happiness depend! 22 June, 2023

“Congregational Meetings”

A “congregational meeting” substitutes for the regular fellowship groups which ought to be established to nourish the brethren.  Home groups, meeting regularly (weekly) under the authority of leaders (elders or those approved the elders), are the ideal means of accomplishing fellowship among the saints. The elders are to rule, not the people.  Democratic rule of […]

Doing Time

I did time at FCI Ray Brook And at USNA, Annapolis. The latter was harder, But the former more glorious. Saving babies from abortion Was more satisfying than military service; Persons, not nations, are sacred. The people, not citizenship, live on And face the Lord and Judge;(From clasping the cross, do not budge!). It is […]

Judges: Just and Otherwise

One judge finds me guilty And sentences me to ten years And a whole lot of restitution money; Another judge reverses the caseAnd I go back to court.An Alford plea gets me six(Over a guilty plea for five).Satisfied, I do my  time on the sixOnly later to find that restitutionWas omitted in the legal shuffling,And […]

Human Rights!

The right to stand before God Above all other creatures – made by Him.As holy beings made in His very image,We will answer to Him as honorable,Responsible, accountable persons;And we will be found not only wantingBut damned forever, separated from Him. Deal with that before making any demandsOf Him Who has the right to beat the […]

Children Are, Primarily, ASes

Remember, children are your primarily ASes They are, indeed, your Agents of Sanctification. Yes, they are a blessing to the world as well;(Christian children lead others away from hell).But they do refine their parents by the trials they bring,Driving them with others in church praises to sing,Thanking Him for Sunday relief and hope for the […]

Children Are a Blessing

Children are a blessing Coming down from above. (Can’t think of one thatWe didn’t love!)Got to keep ’em comingIf He keeps on giving!Which of His giftsDon’t you want?What have you got to flaunt In this world anyway?Wealth?  Prestige?  Ease? Position? Just what is your supposition? Believe what is said in His Word? Well those cahonies […]

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