Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

October, 2023

On Halloween Festivities

The heathen will despoil anything sacred, But that doesn’t mean we withdraw or give in! We take back and restore those holy daysAnd we teach the people what they mean!We explain the Gospel and teach the Word.Run and hide away? That’s absurd!There are times to withdrawAnd avoid the Devil’s maw,And there are times to take […]

“Property Rights”

How did slavers justify making slaves of  black people? By redefining (black) people as property and declaring their rights over “it”! And how do abortionists defend their claim to that “choice”? By redefining a womb-child as a blob of tissue And declaring their right to a choice as to what to do with “it.” 0930 […]


When the devil comes trynagitme Ya known I’m gonna praise the Lord, No matter the rest o’ the horde! Gonna thank Him for the tribulation; Through such He alters my situation: Refines my wicked soul On the path to makin’ me whole. So I thank the Lord for those troubles; He’ll turn that sorrow into […]

Turn Your Hiney Around!

Slavery!  Ain’t it a Biblical thing? And Freedom of Choice! Ain’t that in the Bible? You get to choose what to do! Yeah!  You get to choose hell Or you can repent and pick heaven. All about that choice and Lord knowsBy His Law what to do with your ass. Without that repentance and the […]

Slavery Was Okay

How, one may wonder, back in the dayDid folks think that slavery was okay?Blind as they were back then,There remain many today in the dinBlinded by that selfishness we call sin.Yeah, folks justify the butchery of a babyJust as they turned a blind eye to slavery.It is the selfish decadence of humanityTo snub God and […]

Freedom and Wisdom

“Freedom!” fools used to say. “If you don’t want a slave, Don’t have one! We can do what we want!Don’t tell us what to do!”So said those poor foolsWho supported the rightTo capture another personAnd compel him to serveAs a slave of another human.“We have the rightTo have our own slaves!”And so say those who […]

What’s Up Cincinnati Public Radio?!?!?!?

“At CPR, workplace diversity and inclusion are key components of our strategic plan. We define diversity as all the differences that make us unique, including, but not limited to, race, color, ethnicity, language, culture, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, gender, gender identity, socio-economic status, geography, years of service, age, physical and mental ability. We will strive […]

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