Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

May, 2022

Bring the Mischief Maker

Isaiah 5:7-14 Bring here the mischief maker; Sit him right down for a spell. Get him to change his ways, Lest he wind up in hell! The Lord looks for justice But, lo, He beheld bloodshed! (7) O my, some folks gonna wind up dead! Woe to those who add house to house (8) Field […]

Cursed Be Methodist College

Cursed be Methodist College. They had a false teacher named Everding; “Professor” he was of New Testament. A denier of our Lord and Savior, He rejected the Scriptures as true And the faith of students he would undo.To hell with anyone who leads others astray, Faking as a teacher of holy Scripture, Seeking the hope […]

Avoid Carlton-Gray

Carlton-Gray Systems206 Haley RoadAshland, VA 23005 Why help out baby-butchering Planned Parenthood?  We will surely never call upon you.  And we will be sure to advise all our Maryland and Virginia kinfolk to avoid you as well.  Avoid Carlton-Gray;It is the right way.Got to stay clearOf those who have no fearOf the God who judges […]

Nazi Pro-aborts

If pro-aborts are the equivalent of Nazi Holocaust supporters Why are they treated with such respectful toleration? What expectation can we have with such tacit approval Of their wicked doctrine and disgusting death wishes Upon every child unwanted in the womb of women In trial or torment, frustration or inconvenience? How is it that we […]

The (Revived) BATF

(Bomb Abortuary Training & Fellowship) Bomb abortuaries and get a lift; Rise above the dearth and drift. Get a high by and by; Do your duty before you die. Serve the least wherever they are. No need for you to go far; Take a look in your neighborhood! In the winter you may be choppin’ […]

Truth Prevails in the End!

Truth prevails in the end! In the meantime we got to contend; We battle with the liars And those who pretend To know what is right Though they reject the light Given to us through the Son As they pursue the world’s fun Always charging about on the run Looking for life without the Truth; […]