Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Some Neighborly Conversation

So, I saw to my neighbor – one with a couple kids and a few grand kids, and imagined saying to him, “You saved your money (some of it that didn’t go to entertainment and vacations), rather than spend it on the rearing of many child and thereby investing in your own future care.  And […]


I saw a message somewhere on the internet put out by some covert organization.  It was rather crudely written as follows:  Forming a new prolife organization.  Not sure what the AAA will stand for.  Got to clarify our mission, here.     It could be the Abort Abortionists Association or maybe the Association of Abortionist Aborters […]

Dey Pukin’ Chicken Wings

Dey pukin’ chicken wings an’ chili And dey feelin’ kinda sickie. Don’ want t’ eat no breakfast; In dey bellie got a tempest. Just want t’ get some re-est Don’t want to be a pe-est Hopin’ to get ble-essed So dey can do dey be-est Need dat good health back So as t’ git on […]

Conversations in Heaven

I am imagining heaven, sitting around with some angels talking with other humans about their exploits back in Earth Time.  It wouldn’t be bragging because we would be without sin; we would talk about our harrowing days in conflict with a sin-ridden world.  “Yeah, I died in Nam, serving my country,” one might say.  Then […]

A Pretty Little Thing

A pretty little thing And she could sing! Perking up peckers As she danced Down the street! Needs a fellow sweet On her to get a ring. Then she lost a tooth (Mercy me!) Forsooth! Oh what a fate How to get a date!?! Then again came that song Better than a bong. They came […]

Clarence Interviews Michael Bray (Anno Domini 3024)

Michael Bray 28  January, 2014 After passing his first millennium in heaven Bray meets Clarence.  But first, a little background for the conversation is offered.  The faltering western world of the early twenty-first century imploded upon its own cultural corruption as the nations completed their apostasy from the Christ whom they had worshiped and whose […]