Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Some Neighborly Conversation

So, I saw to my neighbor – one with a couple kids and a few grand kids, and imagined saying to him, “You saved your money (some of it that didn’t go to entertainment and vacations), rather than spend it on the rearing of many child and thereby investing in your own future care.¬† And now you want me and my many children to pay high taxes in order to take care of you in your old age.”

Seems kind of selfish, theft-like, and rude.

And what would he have said in reply?  Why ought the government take care of those who exercised their free will and opted not to provide themselves with children – which often serve somewhat as insurance – to care for them in their old age?  (Yes, there is always room for sympathy for those who are single or barren and have no extended family to care for them.  However. . . And, no, that is not the primary reason for birthing them.)  But, indeed, children are not only a pleasure (as well as a pain) in the rearing of them, but they are a benefit to parents in their latter years.

Well, of course he could have nothing to say but that he was a confirmed, conscientious, loyal  Democrat. And of course, the planet is overpopulated and the earth needs more trees.

Hmm.  The Lord reigns. And it was He who said, “Be fruitful and multiply” and He has not rescinded His ancient exhortation.  

May it be, nevertheless, that my neighbor fares well. And, indeed, the Lord’s opinion will be made all the clearer in old age and on Judgment Day.

1 Aug., 2022

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