Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Conversations in Heaven

I am imagining heaven, sitting around with some angels talking with other humans about their exploits back in Earth Time.  It wouldn’t be bragging because we would be without sin; we would talk about our harrowing days in conflict with a sin-ridden world. 

“Yeah, I died in Nam, serving my country,” one might say.  Then another might boast about dying for the Confederacy and then another for the colonies against the mighty British Empire.

Then I might pipe up with: “Yeah, I did time for bombing abortuaries in the USA.”  And we would all have a big time sharing our stories about life back on the good old Earth.

Then one of the angels might say to me, “So why didn’t you declare your role in bombing abortuaries while you were down there?”  And I would say, “Well, that would be boasting.  And I wanted to steer clear of sin.” 

10 Jan., 2022

(Reminder: the above is fiction.)

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