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Democrats, Darwin, Death, and the Devil

Terry Hughes
24 Oct., 2016

What do Democrats have to do with Darwin, Death, and the Devil? I refer to Darwinists who control the Democrat Party, not ordinary Democrats. To understand, please bear with me and read on. America has two de facto Catholic Churches, a Roman Catholic Church loyal to the Bishop of Rome and an American Catholic Church that is going the way of mainline Protestant churches. They hold opposite views on the sanctity of human life, marriage, and the family that are expressed in the respective 2016 Party Platforms of the Republican Party and the Democrat Party, and by their two candidates for U.S. President, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Roman Catholics adhere to the Biblical view that human life is sacred from conception to natural death because we are created in the image and likeness of God, marriage is a Divine Sacrament ordained by God that binds one man to one woman for life, and the family is a Divine Institution that reflects the Blessed Trinity of God as Father (husband), Son (mother), and Holy Spirit (children) bound together as One. Humanity originated in the Mind of God and we were created to spend eternity with Him in Heaven if we obey the Ten Commandments of Moses, embrace the Eight Beatitudes of Jesus Christ, and profess Christ as Our Lord and Savior.

American Catholics among Democrat “elites” are drifting toward the Darwinian heresy, which teaches we came from worms and our only destiny is to become worm excrement after our dead bodies are devoured by worms. In the Darwinian view there is no God, therefore no right and wrong, only money and power used to ensure Survival of the Fittest, human life has no intrinsic value, marriage is merely a temporary human construct between consenting adults, regardless of sex, and children are optional, to be murdered at will before birth if unwanted.

American Catholics running the Clinton Campaign have infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church from top to bottom in America, from Cardinal Archbishops to lowly precinct workers. What is now a de facto split in the Catholic Church is likely to become de jure if Clinton is elected U.S. President, with an American Catholic Church loyal to Hillary Clinton, and a Roman Catholic Church remaining loyal to Jesus Christ. Loyalty to Clinton will be based on federal funding as the carrot and federal prosecution as the stick, prosecution for opposing tax-funded abortions, same-sex marriages, hiring homosexual activists, and ordaining women as priests.

An American Catholic Church produced by the Darwinian heresy is just the latest split in the Roman Catholic Church since it was founded by Jesus Christ at Pentecost 2000 years ago. Each split has carved away half of the Roman Catholic Church. Splits occur about every 500 years, and are triggered by a heresy. The latest is the Darwinian heresy. The first was the Arian heresy that began around 300A.D. when a Catholic Egyptian cleric named Arius denied that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, and therefore denied the doctrine of the Blessed Trinity.

The Arian heresy spread from North Africa into the eastern part of the Roman Empire. Arian missionaries preached the Arian heresy to pagan Germanic tribes in Eastern Europe before they migrated into Western Europe and conquered the western part of the Roman Empire. The greatest disciple of the Arian heresy was an Arab, Mohammed, who was born in 570. The central teaching of Mohammed’s new religion of Islam is: There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is His Prophet. Within a century of Mohammed’s death Islam had swallowed half of Catholic Christendom, the part most infected by the Arian heresy. To this very day, nearly all these formerly Roman Catholic lands remain under the yoke of Islam.

The heresy that carved away another half of Catholic Christendom 500 years after Mohammed led to the Great Schism in 1054, when Orthodox Catholics broke away from the Roman Catholic Church, a rift that remains to this day. Orthodox Christianity denied that the Bishop of Rome, in an unbroken line with Peter as the first Pope ordained personally by Jesus Christ, was the legitimate representative of Jesus Christ within Christendom. It was centered in Eastern Europe, from Greece to Russia. God’s punishment was to put the Balkan part of Eastern Europe in thralldom to Islam under the Ottoman Turks, from the fall of Constantinople in 1453 up to World War I when Turks murdered nearly all Armenian Christians from 1915 to 1917. God put Russia in thralldom to tyrants, beginning with the Mongols, then through a series of cruel Czars, and in our own day under atheistic Communist dictators, subjugations lasting 700 years.

The heresy that carved out another half of Catholic Christendom began in 1517 with Martin Luther and remains to this very day. It denied Papal Primacy and the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. Most of northern Europe followed Luther, John Calvin, Henry VIII, and lesser heretics who imposed what they called the Protestant Reformation on these parts of Europe. After the voyages of discovery that began in Portugal and Spain after the reconquista drove out the Muslim Moors in 1492, these rifts within Christendom spread around the world. Catholic Christendom prevailed in Latin America, followed French imperial conquests in Africa, and was prominent in parts of the British Empire heavily settled by Irish Catholics. Orthodox Christendom prevailed across central and northern Asia as Russian Czars conquered much of Islamic Asia and spread their rule across Siberia into Alaska and southward in North America. Protestant Christianity became dominant in most of North America, followed the British, German, and Dutch imperialistic empires, and continues today as Evangelical Christians, often from the United States, send missionaries into Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

The heresy now at its peak, 500 years after the Protestant Reformation, began in 1859 when Charles Darwin published his magnum opus, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. Darwin was a racist who provided justification for suppression of “inferior” (non-White) races as the British Empire was reaching its maximum extent. Darwinism provided the same racist justification for European Imperialism generally. Darwin rejected the Biblical account of mankind’s origin and destiny. He preached we came from worms and our only destiny is be become worm excrement.

Darwinism had great appeal among the self-styled “intelligentsia” within Christendom, and later among atheistic despots in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia, because it made no moral distinction between right and wrong. It preached naked power justified by Survival of the Fittest, the “fittest” being Victorian English Gentlemen for Darwin, the Aryan Master Race for Hitler, and the New Soviet Man for Lenin and Stalin. In America, the Darwinist heresy prevails among Liberal (“What we say goes!”) Progressive (“Ban the Bible!!”) Darwinist (“Kill whoever gets in our way!!!”) elitists in the Democrat Party who are determined to keep “inferior” Black Americans locked up in inner-city ghettos where they are slaves to despair, drugs, crime, and prostitution that drive them to murder their children by abortion. Planned Parenthood profits mightily by locating 79 percent of its Abortion Auschwitzes in Black neighborhoods.

These racist “elites” hold all “lower-class” Americans living in the rural South, in Appalachia, in northern Rust-Belt cities, and in Hispanic barrios in utter contempt because, like African Americans, they occupy lower rungs on Darwin’s “evolutionary” ladder. Darwinism claims to be scientific but it isn’t. Unlike real scientific theories, Darwinism has no predictive capability at all, despite 150 years of scientific attempts to produce a “new” species, and there is no scientific proof that “higher” forms of life on Earth “evolved” from random events either in Earth’s environment or in the genetic code of “lower” living creatures.

Darwinism is the latest heresy Satan has injected into Christendom to supplant Jesus Christ with Antichrist. As with the three earlier heresies, Darwinism has carved away half of the Roman Catholic Church. Darwinism–we came from worms and will become worm excrement–has now infected nearly all of the general population in Europe and Russia, and half or more of the population in American, Canada, and Australia. Outside of historic Christendom, Darwinism has been imposed by Communist dictators in China. In all these countries the birth-rate has fallen far behind the death-rate, imposed by forced abortions in China and embraced by free abortions in Europe and elsewhere, all in pursuit of The Good Life, La Dolce Vita. Why waste time, energy, and money bearing and raising children if we all end up being worm excrement?

Like all heresies, Darwinism demands Human Sacrifice. Islam today demands murdering Christians and Muslims murdering other Muslims, all by the millions. Eastern Orthodoxy, especially under the Russian Czars, demanded total obedience enforced by starvation of Russian peasants and endless wars against Muslims to the south and Catholics to the west. The Protestant Reformation demanded human sacrifice by the millions during the Thirty Years War between Catholics and Protestants, in two attempts by the Protestant English to exterminate the Catholic Irish through enforced famine and pestilence, and centuries of attempts by Orthodox Russians and Protestant Germans to exterminate Catholic Poles. The atheistic Darwinian heresy embraced by Hitler and Stalin demanded human sacrifice of Christians and Jews by the tens of millions in World War I and World War II. Since then, atheistic Darwinism has demanded human sacrifice by the hundreds of millions worldwide, using contraceptives backed up by abortions to murder the next generation of humanity with no limits and total government funding right up to the Birthday of each child. Handicapped and elderly people will be next.

Of all the heresies originating within historic Christendom, Darwinism is far and away the most lethal, demanding unlimited human sacrifice. It is the Religion of Death and its High Priest is Lucifer-become-Satan, the adversary of Jesus Christ, and a murderer and liar from the dawn of Creation. In America, the political arm of Darwinism is the Democrat Party, which aims to split a heretical American Catholic Church from the Roman Catholic Church. That would usher in the reign of an American Antichrist. Standing in its way are Roman Catholics and Evangelical Christians loyal to Jesus Christ.

Terence J. Hughes, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences and Climate Change, University of Maine
Fort Pierre, South Dakota, 23 October 2016.





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