Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Hillary and Cheryl

Michael Bray
17 January, 1996

Attention OP-Ed Editor: You have permission to publish, in full or edit to fit, this anti-abortion piece for the Jan. 22 Anniversary of the 1973 Roe decision.

Hillary and Cheryl

Cheryl Richardson is locked up in Alexandria, across the river from Hillary’s house. The differences between the women are at least as great as the difference between Cheryl’s cell and Hillary’s White House. The two women are also on opposite sides of the abortion issue. Hillary and her spouse set the Task Force on Violence Against Abortion Providers in motion. Cheryl is a victim of the Task Force’s abuse of grand jury power. Hillary is a sexual revolutionary of the sixties, an advocate of abortion as a woman’s solemn right. Cheryl is of the next generation, a victim of the lifestyle Hillary championed, having killed her own child in the name of women’s rights.

But there are more vast differences – spiritual differences. Cheryl has renounced the killing she did. She counts the 1980 abortion she committed as a heinous deed for which she has since sought and received forgiveness from the only One who could provide it. Hillary, on the other hand, continues in the folly of propounding child-killing as a means of serving the interests of women. (But I shall take stock of myself and say no more of matters religious so as not to offend the sensibilities of irreligious readers.)

There are also some curious similarities between these women. Both are being investigated and pursued by government authorities. And both are mum. Hillary has not cooperated with investigation into Whitewater and Travelgate actions; Cheryl has not cooperated with investigation of anti-abortion activists.

Alas, the biggest difference is a conspicuous testimony to the influence of those who occupy the seats of political power. A pro-abortion regime reigns in Washington; Cheryl in jail; Hillary is in the White House. She is charged with no crime and sits under no sentence. She is, simply, silent; counting days since 27 November.

The federal grand jury in Alexandria was convened at the behest of the Task Force under the Department of Justice. The jury has been conducting hearings in Alexandria for over a year. Cheryl Richardson’s subpoena indicated interest in discovering the cause of damage to an abortion facility in Falls Church which occurred two falls ago. But in fact, most questions pertained to one Andrew Cabot, a high profile anti-abortionist from New Hampshire to whom Cheryl was engaged at the time of her first appearance before the jury last spring. Mr. Cabot apparently came to the attention of the secretive Task Force by his attendance of the trials of Michael Griffin and Paul Hill (both convicted of murdering abortionists in Florida) and by his words of support for John Salvi, accused shooter of abortion facility workers in Massachusetts, which were printed in various news media.

Mr. Cabot, of Walpole, New Hampshire, would be regarded as an eccentric by 90s standards. Like the pilgrims of our national ancestry, he believes the law of God in the Scriptures to be the proper standard for the civil law code. He advocates capital punishment for sodomy, adultery, and murder, for instance. The activities of Mr. Cabot, prior to his notoriety as a supporter of the abortionist shooters, included the picketing of former House Speaker Tip O’Neal’s funeral (O’Neal was a Roman Catholic in good standing, despite his zealous support of abortion rights). In March of last year The Keene Sentinel reported that “Cabot attended a Keene protest against violence against women, carrying a sign that read ‘Shoot Adulteresses.’” And “On World AIDS Day in December, Cabot carried a sign that read ‘AIDS Is a Blessing’” (10 March, 1995).

It must have looked like gold to the Clintonite Task Force. The fiancee of Andrew Cabot who was also an associate of Michael Bray, would certainly have some statuable goodies to share with them. The Task Force attorneys subpoenaed Cheryl and her mother, Gayle, for extra measure. The elder Richardson essentially rebuked the attorneys before the jury, inveighing against strong-arm, Waco-like actions of the federal government. But Cheryl invoked the Fifth Amendment, citing her distrust of the government’s use of new FACE legislation which has been applied against several activists around the country for simple matters of speech.

Perhaps new hope arose in the hearts of the prosecutors when the engagement of Cheryl and Mr. Cabot was broken. Maybe some bad blood between the two would yield something to prosecute somebody with. She was subpoenaed again in the fall, immunized after again invoking the Fifth, and jailed for “contempt” by Judge Leonie Brinkema.

The Task Force on Violence against Abortion Providers is a multi-million dollar investigation. Glimpses of its relentless, canine-like pursuit of anti-abortion activists can be found in the testimony of those who emerge from the hearings. The number, upwards of sixty, represents an array of persons whose thread of commonality appears to be an anti-abortion Christian belief system. Dr. Jeffrey Kaplan, a professor from Arctic Sivunmun Illisagvik College in Alaska was commanded to come to the jury bearing all correspondence with anti-abortion prisoners. Anne Voelmecke of Oklahoma City was immunize by Judge Brinkema after invoking the Fifth Amendment, but chose to answer questions rather than delay her graduate school studies. The line of questioning traversed vagariously from questions concerning any knowledge she might have about demolition of abortuaries to the demand that she name all the people in her Russian Orthodox Church.

Well, inquisitions can be fun or miserable depending on which side you are on. From the perspective of White House spokesman Mark Fabiani, Sen. Alphonse D’Amato “is not searching for the truth. Instead he is engaging in a politically inspired fishing expedition.” The truth of Fabiani’s politically inspired attack is easy to doubt. But on the assumption that the White House were honest it would be respectable for Hillary to clam up. And the same honor due Cheryl would also be Hillary’s. But a cornucopia of incriminating evidence abounds in the case of the Clintons. No honor for Hillary as there is for Cheryl.

What is now lacking in the hunt for a Hillary conviction is a grand jury. Let her be mum, and let her be immunized; and let her be jailed. Cheryl is keeping a cell warm for her in Alexandria.

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