Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Horsley Visited

X-Sender: nhorsley@pop.atl.mindspring.com (Unverified)
Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 21:32:25 -0400
To: pro-life@visi.net
From: Neal Horsley
Subject: Visit from the feds
Cc: mbray@nicom.com, stalker-d@juno.com

I received two unannounced visitors simultaneously at my home today: one from the ATF and the other from the FBI. We chatted for about two hours about the Creator’s Rights Party, the website containing the Nuremberg files and the Atlanta bombings. They’ve asked me to come down later this week and take a lie detector test. I indicated I’d think about it. What do you think about the test? I have no way of knowing whether there was a connection between their visit and the upcoming Springer taping. They acted as if they knew nothing about the program when I finally mentioned it.

The ATF guy asked me if I knew Mike Bray. I was also queried about the Army of God. I told him about knowing Mike and told him I knew nothing about the bombings or the Army of God but did have and interest in raising an army to move a State or States out of this union if they didn’t get this desecration of God’s authority cleared up.

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