Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

National Review Going Ethically Crazy

5 Sept., 2019

Robert Verbruggen, writing for the “conservative” National Review, vies for approval and toleration of sodomy (Sept. 3, 2019, “Death of the ‘Gay Gene’”; see https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/09/death-of-the-gay-gene/).  Since he finds persuasive evidence of  this “orientation” to be genetic, sodomy must therefore merit approval and toleration.   What is “natural” is good and must be permitted – or, of course, even encouraged.

Quite simply we may answer, as (Biblical/Christian) conservatives, that the corruption of our minds and hearts (and genes) is not an excuse for – simply put – approving sin.  The ethical and imperative prescription given by the Scriptures is that we “repent” and walk in righteousness.  This repentances does not assume that we have no attraction for sin and rebellion and “same sex attraction.”  Such are “natural” perversions since the fall of man.

It is this doctrine of “the fall” which plays so philosophically crucial to an understanding of the legitimacy of law and the duty of obedience to it, despite our “disability” to obey.  We are called by God to obey even while we are yet disinclined – quite “naturally”- to do so.

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