Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

A Fancy for Flogging

23 August, 2019

The practice is at least as old as the Scriptures.  And, indeed, Holy Writ calls for it!  Why then, in our incessant folly, do we insist upon paying out lots of money to lock people up in jail rather than apply that therapeutic, Biblical solution? 

Here is a 20th century clip of the administration of corporal punishment in South Africa, a country more highly advanced than any on the continent, until it was overthrown by Marxists with the help of Western nations over-sensitized to the South Africa’s singular flaw of apartheid while they continued in their abominable toleration of abortion and sodomy.

https://www.corpun.com/vidzaj01.htm#clip2 [Nevermind. It was removed when I last checked on 22 Feb. 2020. Too nasty to be viewed by us sensitive Americans, apparently]

“A rod for the back of fools,” say the Scriptures.  Yes, the Holy Writ also supports that simple and reasonable practice which modern heathens (yes, Americans as well as Europeans) have rejected. 

Where is the wisdom?  Delinquent children running around injecting dope in themselves, committing fornication quite liberally, and then slaughtering their own offspring.

Train up your children, America! Flog them as necessary.

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