Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Bowman Just Says No to Taxation for Abortion

                                                                                    21 Aug. , 2019

So far this anti-abortionist who refuses to pay taxes, of which monies some is spent to commit abortions, is safe.  He is, of course, right.  A government which so egregiously, first permits such a crime and then, (secondly and even more disgustingly) pays for the same with the money extracted from citizens by taxation – is downright illegitimate.

[Read all about Michael Bowman here: https://www.lifenews.com/2019/08/21/christian-who-refused-to-pay-taxes-because-they-fund-abortions-beats-irs-case-ends-in-mistrial/ ]

Michael Bowman sets a good example.  And many see his actions as such.  His jury in federal court in Columbia City spent 11 hours trying to reach a verdict and failed.  Thanks be to God.  Some jurors do the right thing.  They see the just stance of Bowman and honor it by refusing to convict him.  Refusing to pay taxes is the least one can do.  Blowing up those abortuaries or terminating abortionists are, of course,  more direct remedies.  But Mr. Bowman’s actions are to be praised far above those who have labored fruitlessly in the legislative and judicial processes.

May the Lord bless Bowman and his attorney, one Matthew Schindler.

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