Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Drove Poor Amnon Quite Mad

(2 Sam 15-17)

Tamar was a real hot thing,
Drove poor Amnon quite mad.
Had to have that body now,
Couldn’t wait no way, no how!
Had to have his way with her
And brought down all kinds of trouble.
Yeah, the problems in his life did double!

Revenge was brought down by Absalom
Had his way with his daddy’s concubines
For all of Israel to see! (16:22)
Oh he brought down some misery!
Ahithophel said to Absalom,
“Let me chose 12,000 men. (17:1)
I’ll beat up on Dave tonight;
He’ll be too tired to put up a fight.  (2)

I’ll knock down the king alone.
We can do this thing.  Come on!
And I can use some o’ that breast;
It’s the way I get my rest!

Well the plan pleased all the elders (4)
But they wanted to hear from Hushai.
He was known as quite a wise guy.
Said, “What Ahithophel said is not good
Your dad is the man of the neighborhood!” (8)
But the counsel of Hushai was a tool,
Despised by God to make to make Absalom a fool. (14)

25 July, 2021

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