Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Keep His Law in Sight

Well, the woman had a really fine butt;
She could shake it, wiggle, and strut.
But finally would come a day
When she’d have to put it away.
Wasn’t something the Lord would see;
There are loftier matters, indeed;
Things of the soul, like sin
That wickedness deep within.
Got to look for things above;
All about righteousness and love,
That willingness to give up a life
A man must give it up for his wife.
Got to do what you got to do;
Won’t be long before this life is through!
Get on with what’s up high
To the world, say “Good bye!”
Do to others what’s right
Keeping His Law in your sight.

2000 on 25 July, 2021

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