Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Heathen Morality

Like a couple of slugs
Moving along the sidewalk
“I’m, feelin’ it for you!
You’re feelin’ it for me!
Let’s suck on each other!”
They slide along leaving a line
Their scum on the sidewalk behind
On walls and your cars
A trace of their hook-ups
Is left in the world.
So boys and girls unfurled,
Left undisciplined, do wander,
On to fouler places saunter.
But slugs don’t sweat their decisions;
They slide with no precision
And when you fling them to the ground
They’ll not be found
Sliding away or eaten by birds,
But the souls of humans live on.
Their trail will never be gone.

0635 on 26 April, 2021

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