Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Masked Folk in Need of the Gospel!

Just finished a walk around my town.  It’s a thing I do once, sometimes twice, a day.  We live in downtown Wilmington, Ohio, just a few blocks from the major buildings: the Catholic Church and the city haul.  It is 27 July, hot out, and folks are backing off from the masking.  Businesses are dropping the requirement to mask for entry.  You can enter a restaurant without a  mask before you sit and eat!  And yet, while walking along, I see occasionally someone drive by with windows rolled up and a mask on! 

I’m sayin’!  “Is that paranoia? Or what?”

There may be something manifested that action – as I think about it. 


It is out there.  There are folks who have  no confidence in escaping the Judgment that a holy God will bring upon everyone.  And everyone who is not vindicated by the Savior will get some nasty, holy wrath.

Don’t know who that masked man was, but I have seen a few of them from day to day!

 It is telling.  There are folks out there who fear death.  They have no hope of life after this life.  They are blind in their self-centered world in which they know of no certain escape from that death which they know will come.

Life is in no other than the one who defeated death and rose again to demonstrate His victory!

Believe that!


MBray on 27 July, 2021

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