Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Ehud Delivers

Yet again those sons of Israel
Did evil in the sight of the Lord,
So up came the opposition from Moab.
Eglon, the king, sent to do his thing,
Gathered up some sons
Of Ammon and Amalek.
Up they went and defeated Israel.
Took control of the city with its palm trees.
Served that Moabite for eighteen years.
But again, those sons cried to the Lord
And, once again, He saved the horde.
Sent a left-handed man, a Benjamite.
Had the job to set things right.
Made himself a two-edged sword
And bound it on his right thigh.
But you need not wonder why.
He was a left-handed man, you see,
And had to set those Israelites free.
Now, Eglon was a fellow quite fat,
But Ehud had no problem with that.
Said, “I hot a message from God for you!”
Took out his sword and ran him through.

Re Judges 3 at 0700 on 26 Jan., 2021

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