Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Shamgar Delivers

Shamgar struck 600 with an ox goad;
Down went those nasty Philistines.
But Israel just couldn’t get it right
And did evil again after Ehud died.
So the Lord turned ’em over to King Jabin.
Had a commander Sisera with 900 men.
With chariots they bugged Israel 20 years,
But Deborah became Israel’s boss
And under a tree rendered judgments.
To the rescue she summoned Barak.
Said “Round up 10,000 sons of Zebulun!
I’ll lure Jabin’s army down to the river
Right into your hands to deliver!”
Said Barak, “Only if you come with me!”
She said okay, but the honor will be a woman’s.
Well Barak whipped up on Sisera
And the honor went to Deborah

Judges 3&4 on 27 Jan. 2021 at 0740

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