Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Song of Deborah

Most blessed of women is Jael
My favorite story when I think
Of those who today murder babies.
(Can we pray they contract rabies?)
Or may we take real life action?
Give our thoughts and prayers traction?
How ’bout we take a gun
Get ‘er done, go on the run?
Yeah, I’m in Judges five twenty-four
A short read up down to twenty-seven.
Looks like the road for Jael to heaven.
Did what a girl had to do.
Put a spike in his head right through.
Sisera, the king, was done.
His momma was denied her son.
“Thus, o Lord, may your enemies perish.”
So did Deborah, to the Lord sing
To the Ruler and Judge of everything

(Judges 5)
30 Jan., 2021

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