Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

A Note to POTUS

26 January, 2021

Dear President Biden,

Has it not been told you?  Have you not heard? 

You are disgusting in the sight of God.  You know this, one might assume, by your exposure to the truth as you have participated in the worship of the one true and triune God.

Repentant sinners, however,  are spared His wrath by the action of Jesus, the Messiah, who paid the price due for their wicked deeds.   But those who continue in wicked deeds after confessing them to be sin are not forgiven. 

No.  The application of divine forgiveness is dependent upon repentance and authentic repentance produces right behavior (holy living).  And holy living is simply a life lived in accordance with truth and justice and mercy and forgiveness. 

You have abandoned truth and justice and mercy; you have abandoned the children in the womb. 

You damn yourself and those who cohort with you in your malevolent abandonment of the innocents.


Michael Bray

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