Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Not a “Homophobe”

Re: https://www.thoughtco.com/why-some-conservatives-oppose-gay-marriage-3303437

Nope.  Not afraid of  ’em.  Never thought sodomy was a good idea.  Never found it appealing, must less the right thing to do.  But more important than my sentiments are God’s opinions, sentiments, and His Declaration. 

Indeed, it is not “my opinion” on which I rest my case and mind-set and orientation.  It is the Word of God to which we owe our allegiance and obedience.   God’s word instructs the world as to what is Right and what is Wrong.

“Misofag” might be a more accurate term for those looking to produce an up-to-date slick neologism.  Those who love the Law of God, hate the opposite.  They hate evil; therefore, they hate murder, stealing and – in the sexual realm – adultery and sodomy.  (Yes, fornication is sinful, too, but these foul crimes are particularly heinous as indicated by the punishment which is exacted by the Law of God against these deeds: the death penalty.)

No, it is not a “phobia” which motivates such sentiments.  We fear not sodomites any more than thieves and murderers.  We are neither “theftophobes” nor “murdererophobes”!

It is not a “phobia” thing; it is a matter of truth, of right and wrong.  Either God has spoken or He has not.  And if He has spoken – as Christians and the Churches of God down through the ages have affirmed – then sodomy must be reckoned a sin and a crime.

Not my decision.   Not my choice.  God’s Word.  God’s Law.  His divine CHOICE.  

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