Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The 90-Second Fool

In his Godless account of creation which is regularly pronounced on my otherwise enjoyable classical radio station (WGUC), Thane Maynard babbles his buffoonery about the origin and evolution of animals (i.e. creatures).   Like some gnostic making claims to special insider information on the origins of the world, he talks about what happen x-many millions of years ago. Regularly in 90 seconds he insults the Creator by his regular reference to His creations as “nature.”  He incessantly prognosticates dates of this or that occasion when a given “life form” or animal (avoiding “creature” as it infers the Creator) “evolved” into existence or transitioned from one form to another.  

Best that WGUC take stock of itself and its schizophrenic presentation of classical music with its composers who were God-fearing Christians, on the one hand, and the Godless babbling from Thane about his mythological speculations over the Godless origins of . . . CREATION!

4 July, 2020

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