Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

On Pagan Statue Destroyers

Such incontinent fit-throwing leftists ought not to be so richly indulged. by the police and the courts.  Rather, of course, they out to be horse-whipped, jailed, and executed.  Such rebellion, such anarchy cannot be tolerated.  The main problem has less to do with the actually physical and violent tactics as it does the philosophy which inspires these  miscreants.  They are anarchists.  They are Lawless, heathen who honor neither God, nor His Law, nor the civil government which He has bestowed upon us – however flawed it may be.  Indeed, our government might well be worthy of being overthrown by virtue of its five-decade long toleration of children slaughter.  And we may well interpret their actions, theologically,  as His very hand.  Nevertheless, we must address their deeds as prima facie acts of treasonous rebellion.   They attack government, not particular policies or branches, but government itself.  They are anti-Christ, Godless, rebels.   And, 10-to-1, they are heathen Democrats.

6 July, 2020

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