Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

2 Chron. 11 & 12

She must have felt like a privileged woman;
He loved her more than all his concubines.
Rehoboam loved that lady Maacah;
Had a thing for that woman, uh huh!
So he made Abijah the leader of the boys (22)
With a plan to make him the king.
Spread those boys out to all the cities (23)
Gave ’em food, gives, and lots of titties.
But then Rehoboam got all strong; (12:1)
Dropped the Lord like an out o’ tune song,
So the Mighty One sent a punk named Shishak
Along with Lubin, Sukim and some Ethiopians. (3)
Well, they captured those cities of Judah (4)
And the Lord said, “That’s what I do!
You forsake Me and I’ll forsake you!” (5)
Then the princes of Israel got all humble,
So the Lord didn’t let them stumble. (7)
Said He’d grant some deliverance, (7)
Hold back His wrath from Jerusalem town,
Teach the people not to mess around. (8)
Shishak took the treasures of the Lord, (9)
Put’em all in his very own pocket!
So Rehoboam made some brand new shields
Out o’ bronze instead o’ that gold, (10)
But he turned the Lord’s anger away (12)
And reigned in Jerusalem for 17 years. (13)
Had a momma named Naamah, the Ammonitess (13)
And did not set his heart on the Lord. (14)
So says the record of Shamaiah
And a seer by the name of Iddo. (15)
There was war between Reh and Jereboam (15)
Until Reh was dead and gone. (16)

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