Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Come, Romanist Brethren!

                                                                                                            16 Oct., 2021

Dear Brethren of the Romanist fold,

How do you tolerate Biden?

How do you remain in fellowship with him, tolerating him as a member of your alleged “body of Christ”?

When will you rise up and revolt against those authorities in your “Church” which has permitted this ongoing blasphemy? 

Truly this sustained toleration of blatant sin and heresy must cause you to give serious consideration of the meaning of “holy” when contemplating the nature of the “church”!

Is your church truly holy?  And what does that mean?

Does holiness permit indifference to flagrant, unrepentant heretic sinners?  How long will you tolerated this high profile sinning heretic as a member in good standing?

As long as the Romanists continue to abide Biden as a member in good standing, the “church” disqualifies itself from any claim to holiness.

This ought to be proclaimed steadily and ubiquitously throughout Christendom.   Toleration of a flagrant heretic/sinner as a member is beyond disgusting.  It is pure blasphemy.  To affirm the Church to be truly holy and then tolerate such flagrant, broad, nationwide sin from a member of a church with such a prominent and visible position as POTUS is simply obscene in inexcusable.  

Repent!  Kick the heretic out! 

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