Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

1 Kings 14

Rehoboam sho’nuf loved Maacah,
The favorite of his sixty concubines
(Not to mention those eighteen lovely wives).
Had a few kids from those ladies!
Twenty-eight boys and sixty girls,
Only 88 boys out of 78 women? (2 Chron. 11:21)
That’s 1.12 children per mother!
(Bet those ladies were holdin’ it back,
Usin’ some ancient birth control!)
He reigned 17 years in Jerusalem (14:21)
Only 41 when he became king.
Had a mom called Naamah, an Ammoritess;
A pair of evil-doers leading the nation, (22)
Bringing on all kinds of abomination: (24)
Male whores conducting prostitution,
The very sins of the displaced nation! (24)
So Shishak came against Jerusalem.  (25)
At the time he was the king of Egypt,
Took treasures from both the Lord and the king:
Shields of bronze and gold and other shiny things. (27)
Rehoboam finally slept with this fathers in peace
And his son, Abijam, took his place.  (31)

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