Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


(1505 on 26 Sept, 2021)

It is truly divine forbearance
Which saves the nation from destruction.
There is no good to be found
In a nation bloodied by the Abortion Holocaust.
And why such withholding of justice?
On  whose behalf is grace extended?
Are there petitions from holy men
Which a merciful God is answering?
Are there deeds done which appease?
When will appeasement expire?
O be grateful citizens of America!
A holy God restrains Himself in your behalf!
He holds back what His holiness demands!
How does He bear the daily strain?
Holiness!  Justice!  Love!  Mercy?
How do they all comport?
(I am glad it works for me and my kin!)
Indeed, His church, His holy people,
Do affect our merciful and holy God.
What straights, yea what destruction
Would be the constant state of world affairs!
His mercy endures forever.

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