Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Earth Under a Scourge

Well, the earth is under a scourge!
Might lead us to sing a dirge
About sin that’s on the rampage
And judgment from God on this age.
Talkin’ ’bout that plague called Corona,
Down from heaven, don’t yah know-a?
Didn’t come up from the earth;
He sends such down when there’s a dearth!
Talkin’ ’bout obedience to His Law,
That Word given without flaw.
No, it didn’t come over from China;
Sins abounds right here in Sabina!
Talkin’ ’bout little towns everywhere.
Thinkin’ ’bout it gives you a scare!
What’s a good ol’ American to do?
Buck up, brush your teeth, shine a shoe?
(Better than whinin’ like a scared shrew!)
How ’bout you blow those “clinics” away!
Can’t wait for another day.

25 and 26 Sept., 2021

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