Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Hadad, the Edomite

1 Kings 11:14f.

Hadad, the Edomite
Was the one the Lord did choose,
A fellow from the royal line
Wiped out by the army of David.
He had fled as losers must do,
Just a boy all the way to Egypt, (17)
Where the Pharaoh gave him food and land (18)
And his sister-in-law for a wife. (19)
(Gave that Edomite a real nice life!)
So this sister of Tahpenes bore a son;
In the very house of Pharaoh he was weaned!
And when he heard that David was dead, (20)
He wanted to go back to his home bed (21)
So the Pharaoh said, “What’s with you?
Don’t you think I have been true?” (22)
“Yes!” said he, “You’ve been good to me,
But I still got to go! Don’t ya know?”
Well, God raised up the son of Eliada, (23)
A fellow by the name of Rezon,
Who’d abandoned his boss, Lord Hadadezer.
Now Rezon was a nasty anti-Semite,
Fought Israel all the days of Solomon,
Hated Jews and reigned over Aram.
Then Jeroboam rebelled against the king
And Ahijah, the prophet, showed him how.
Tore his coat into twelve pieces (30);
Told Jeroboam, “Take ten for yourself!” (31)
Said, “Israel has betrayed the good Lord!
They have worshiped Ashtoreth and Chemosh,
And Milcom, that god of the sons of Ammon. (33)
And they have not done what is right!
Have not walked in the His ways all their days.”

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