Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Solomon Had a Thousand Women

(1 Kings 11)

Solomon had a thousand women;
700 wives was just a start. (v. 3)
Had another 300 concubines
And those ladies done turned away his heart.
But he really wasn’t wholly devoted,
As David, his father before him; (7)
He did evil in the sight of the Lord;
Chased an idol of the Ammonites (5)
And a goddess called Ashtoreth.
Well, those Greeks had a goddess of war, Enyo.
And the Romans had one called Bellona.
And for such idolatry, God’s sends Corona
And such upon foolish idol worshipers
Who can’t figure out what’s his and what’s hers.
Now, a woman gets to love a man,
And the man got to do all he can
To keep that lady happy and do what’s right
Livin’ by the Law day and night.

0915 on 20 Sept., 2021

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