Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

1 Kings 8

‘Twas the month of Ethanim (2)
When they gathered all the team;
Number seven on the calendar of Israel.
Time to bring up that ark of the Covenant. (1)
They brought the ark to the “tent of meeting.” (4)
Had holy forks, spoons, and knives (4)
So they could feed their holy lives,
The congregation of Israel,
Among whom the Almighty did dwell.
So the king and people did assemble; (5)
Must have been in His presence quite a tremble:
Oxen and sheep without number! (5)
Such a sight!  No man could slumber.
They carried that box to its place, (6)
The inner sanctuary of the house, (6)
A most holy place with nary a mouse,
Under the wings of the cherubim, (6)
Hangin’ right over that ark. (7)
Made for a find place to park
And come out of the dark,
See the light of the inner sanctuary. (8)
Better thrills than a god-mother ferry!
Nothin’ in that ark but tablets of stone, (9)
But no better laws had the world ever known!
A covenant with the sons of Israel
To keep them out of that place called “hell”!
Had to go to Egypt ’cause they’d been bad;
And found more misery than they’d every had.

A.m. on 17 Sept., 2021

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