Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Discriminative Giving

Many a beggar, personal/private or organized professional, comes asking for your “dough.”  The conscience of every sinner knows he owes someone for his un-judged life.  (He is yet breathing and hasn’t paid the penalty due for his offenses against the Almighty and His commands!)  There is much to be done, even after genuine repentance, in walking out the holy life.  How is it to be done?  Stand for the right!  Help the weak!  Maintain personal humility and honor!  Strengthen God’s people, the Church! 

In particular, what is to be done with the beggar?  Simple, even flippant, hand-outs to get the duty done? 

The beggar, often a derelict in these time of wealth, welfare, and socialism, is generally not to be treated with special compassion or respect.  He is, generally, to be treated as a delinquent bum who is disgracefully negligent in his duty to work and pay his own way in life.

It is, then, with disdain for a sloven rather than honor for “the needy” that must guide ones treatment of such a derelict.

Let us not dishonor those who are truly in need and worthy of our compassion by giving support and help to those who despise work and responsibility and who would steal the legitimate compassion that is due the needy by His servants.

Let Americans buck up and come to their senses. Call the bums out and give them the rebuke they need.

16 Sept., 2021

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