Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Niggers and Fetuses

24 April, 2020

What is it about an offensive expression that makes it such?  Is “nigger” not a disdainful word? A word of disparagement? Insult? Even hatred?

Whenever we denigrate someone or something unjustly (yes, there are times or occasions for just denunciations or denigrations), we are “offensive” to standards –  to acceptable behavior.  Accordingly, I would submit that the use of the term “fetus” to refer to the child in the womb is comparable to referencing a Negro or black man as a “nigger.”

The latter expression was used to derogate people in American who were from the African race known as negroes.   The former is used today to derogate the humanity of the child in the womb. “Embryo” and/or “blob of tissue” depersonalizes and denigrates the child in the womb. We ought to be as adverse to such expressions as we are to words like “nigger.”

Those little ones are people, deserving the respect, reverence and protection that is due any ex-utero person. 

The humanity of the child in the womb is not reduced by used an impersonal, foreign (as Latin is to most Americans), and thus even derogatory term, such as “fetus.”

Awaken to biological reality!  The “fetus” is a human being – a person! – just as a “nigger” is a person.   To refer to the womb child as a “fetus” or “tissue” is as insulting as it is to call a black man a nigger.

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