Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Abort an Abortionist?

The right to abort an abortionist
Is a genuine appendancy
In a real life emergency.
When a baby’s life is at stake,
Drastic measures we may take.
So get off your duff and defend this stuff;
Speak the truth with consistency!
Are people created in the imago Dei
Or are you a fake Christian at the end of the day?
Talkin’ about real life and genuine Truth
Comin’ down from the Lord above?
He gave us His law to guide our way
And give us something worthwhile to say.
We stand for life at the end of the day;
Said we are made in His very image!
Not just a piece of meat or head of cabbage.
We don’t flush babies down the drain
Get a hold of your heart and fix your brain!

1134 on 2 Feb., 2023

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